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July 07, 2015, 12:18:13 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

The newer Pump It Up machines use USB drives for user registration and score tracking.
Here's how to use the USB functionality:

1. Visit and select United States/English (or another option)
2. Register for a new account on the left sidebar below the login fields.
Note: The Engrish is strong with Andamiro, but you should be able to figure out the registration.
If you ever had a PIU account in the past, you may run into an error during registration about your username being taken. Do a "forgot password" recovery to get into your account, and the website will ask you to convert it into a Prime account at that time.
3. After logging in, underneath the login box, click the "Receiving Prime Access Code"
4. Register a username under the first ID Slot.
5. Click "download" to gt a prime.bin file.
[NOTE: I have not done the following, but I believe these are the steps. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please.]
6. Copy the file to a USB drive.
7. Insert USB into arcade machine before your set.
8. Go back to -> "Unlock" to use "PP" to unlock songs/steps/avatars.

For Pump updates, visit:

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Well-worded, Jonathan. I can confirm this should work for Prime.

Don't expect the cabinet to sense your usb before adding a credit though. It will search for a usb in both slots immediately after you swipe your point card.
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