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March 06, 2007, 09:02:46 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Seems to be a trend these days.. seriously. Only 9 grand for both.. too bad the machines SUCK.

These are from an arcade in the mall near my house. Only Guitar player 2 is good, player 1 gives random misses and sucks horribly all around. Guitar 2 red button was missing and they replaced it with some cheapo button. Also, for drum. Most of the pads are in disrepair. Good luck!

They are also selling an Extreme machine, NOONE BUY THIS.  The pads are terrible, they are always broken.. That one is at RPM.  It's been abused for years.
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I emailed the guy about his beatmania cabinet, seeing if he had any kits.... sadly, he hasn't gotten back to me.  If they are bringing GF/DM V4 to the US, it would probably just be better to wait for those... since they will be shiney and brand spankin new!
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