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August 02, 2010, 11:58:11 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Portland-based happy hardcore label Disko Warp presents the second volume in our digital compilation series, out now in iTunes! Features the brand new Becky single "I Wanna Be A Ninja", new tracks from Initial P and an awesome remix from Seattle hardcore superstar Ian K! Also featured is a brand new collaboration with Thomas Howard Lichtenstein of DDR/Bemani fame!

Out now in iTunes:

1. Becky / I Wanna Be A Ninja
2. JUSTiNB feat. Charlotte / Need To Find You (Initial P 2010 White Label Remake)
3. Foxxie / Don't Don't Go Away (Ian K Remix)
4. Kick & Punch / Space Space Shooter (Disko Warp Brand New Remix)
5. Sonatia / I Love You Goodbye
6. Thomas Howard Lichtenstein / Keep It Real (Disko Warp Techpara Remix)
7. Initial P / My Life Is So Crazy
8. Peroxide Mocha / Don't Have My Baby (Chris Jay Radio Edit)

Happy Hardcore / Cutecore / Eurobeat / Speed-Trance/ Hyper Techno / 90's Throwback

More info:
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