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February 19, 2009, 12:20:10 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

okay so this is going to sound pretty retarded but.

at wonderland here in spokane the right side usb port has been out for AWHILE (over a year dispite my multiple complaints) and by the looks of it th eleft one is going soon.

not only is this nanoying to only be able to use 1 usb (not like anyone plays with me ever tho anyway) but being stuck ont he left side because A i used to prefer the right side and B im starting to wear down the pads on the p1 side and obviously they arent too up and open about keeping the cab in good shape so id like to start wearing down p2 pads xD (i cant remember what i was playing but it was something on hard i was trying to score i FEC'd but had something like 3 or 4 pad way offs. 2 were echo stomps but the other ones were just lag [miss fire?])

so my questions are.

where can i get 2 replacement usbs that i can just walk upto the manager (who i know somewhat) and say, "here open the itg cab and replace the olds ones with these"
they literally are going to need to be open and install nothing else.

and secondly, what exactly is the issue with the pads, i remember specifically the way offs were all from 1 arrow (cant rmeember which exactly)  and i had been getting way offs from it before but i just thoguht maybe they were me being stupid (they werent) so if MAYBE i could talk the manager into trying to service the pads, what would be looking at, i cant imagine any of hte sensors need replaced yet (save 1 of them has to be misfiring) so if i could convince him to do it (possibly) could i just tell him to clean them out? and maybe suggest moving the inside two sensors with the outside sensors (i imagine the outside sensors are in better shape and anyone playing seriosuly is really only pressing the inside two sensors anyway soo)

so yeah, sorry for my retarded questions but answers would be very helpful
Read February 24, 2009, 08:46:27 PM #1

For keeping sensors clean: canned air and a sign that says to wipe your damn feet.
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