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February 16, 2007, 10:14:06 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Might as well start a thread for this....

Supposedly the poster says it'll be released in Summer 2007.  I like the logo.
Read February 23, 2007, 07:06:38 PM #76

Quote from: "Davyn"
SN's timing is not easier than extreme's.
Just because the timing is OFF doesn't mean the windows are smaller.

I can SDG 9's on SN.  Best I can do is 25g on Irresistablement on EX.
Read February 23, 2007, 07:10:17 PM #77

The timing is fine after the patch and on upgrades.

Quote from: "DancingTofu"
I have 0 AC AAA's
Read February 23, 2007, 09:30:59 PM #78

Quote from: "DancingTofu"
I can SDG 9's on SN.  Best I can do is 25g on Irresistablement on EX.

Quote from: "DancingTofu"
Just because the timing is OFF doesn't mean the windows are smaller.

They're identical.  Same same same.  Take this from someone who has like 200 heavy AAAs including some 10s.
CS timing is still big as hell though, and is the same as previous CS releases as well
Read February 23, 2007, 09:47:48 PM #79

make new thread please
Read February 23, 2007, 10:04:54 PM #80

Quote from: "Davyn"
The timing is fine after the patch and on upgrades.

Quote from: "DancingTofu"
I have 0 AC AAA's
Exactly.  My timing's still bad enough to be able to show how big the timing windows are because the number of greats I get on each song doesn't have a range from 0-5.  I tend to see about x greats per song on Max-Ex2 CS, 1.5x greats on SN CS, and 5x greats per song on EX AC and 5th mix (the only arcade mixes I have access to).  "x" being a number in accordance with how many greats I generally get on a song-to-song basis.  For instance: Love Shine.  When I play Love Shine on the pad on SM (Max-Ex2 timing), I can generally see a range of 2-3 greats.  When I play it at the arcade (DDREX), I generally range between 12 and 18 greats.  When I play it on SuperNOVA CS, I get 4-6 greats.  I haven't tried it on a SN AC.

Timing windows have a much more obvious effect on my score than they do on others, so I'm bound to notice them more.
Read February 23, 2007, 11:11:00 PM #81

Sounds like you're just bad at moving your timing timing earlier to match extreme's syncing.
Read February 24, 2007, 12:44:24 AM #82

Quote from: "manyminimoos"

Tada> Sure, to get a "AAA" you can screw up, but the less you screw up, the better your AAA is.  You're treating an 89% AAA as the same as a 97% AAA the same as a DDR AAA, with the blanket statment "the best grade, " and that just doesn't seem right.  You say that with marvelouses, getting a perfect or two wouldn't be stressful.  You should see what happens when you get to the point of low SDEs on ITG.  It's all the same.  Maybe you think you're too good for the perfect window.  If you ever got good enough, you'd feel the same way about marvelouses.

I think what he meant is that if you get 1 great, you can still work towards getting a really good marvelous count, as opposed to being stuck with a shitty looking 1 great score. The rest of the song is not wasted.
Read February 24, 2007, 01:16:07 AM #83

Quote from: "Davyn"
Sounds like you're just bad at moving your timing timing earlier to match extreme's syncing.
If EX's syncing's uniformly early compares to CS didders, than yes, that would probably explain it.
I only play about 1% of my overall DDR games at the arcade.  For every minute I spend at an arcade, I've spent 2 hours on a homepad.
So if the SYNCING is different, than it's probably the major factor.
I've never heard mention of DDREX syncing being different from CS syncing, so I've always blamed the timing windows for the difference.
Read February 24, 2007, 04:01:38 AM #84

Well you're blaming the wrong thing for your inability to fine tune your timing.

Kevin> He specifically said that getting one perfect won't seem like a big deal because you don't expect to get all marvelouses anyway.
Read February 24, 2007, 04:59:52 PM #85

Quote from: "manyminimoos"
Well you're blaming the wrong thing for your inability to fine tune your timing.

Kevin> He specifically said that getting one perfect won't seem like a big deal because you don't expect to get all marvelouses anyway.
The entire point of my post was to say that; some people aren't so thoroughly obsessed with their superiority that they can't even admit that they judged something on incomplete data.  I judged something on incompletely data, end of conversation.
Read February 25, 2007, 09:09:09 PM #86

Quote from: "Diggit_6"
And konami also needs to quit being stubborn and start calling songs 11s 12s and 13s.

You don't even know how much this bugs me.

I hate trying to explain to my friends that passing FAXXO is a greater achievement than passing Sakura because my friends roughly know the concept of the difficulty rating, but don't then make a differentiation between a 10 and another 10 because they don't play and they don't watch me play. When I do say something like "FAXXO is a 10, but really it's a solid 12", they think I'm trying to pad my accomplishment and sound arrogant.

So, call my arrogant or whatever, but actually calling high end songs a rating that reflects their difficulty would just plain by easier and more informative. Yes, you can say the rating is useless anyway because it's just an opinion or reffering to the chart makes all the players know what difficulty the chart is, but accurate ratings are good for the less hardcore players.

And yes, some non-forum browsing not quite as hardcore players still attempt and flail through songs like FAXX and PSMO, so ratings for people like them would be awesome.
Read February 25, 2007, 11:40:31 PM #87

What I want to see on DDR is more actual 10's.

SuperNOVA had a 9.5, 4 10's, 2 11's, a 12, and 2 13's.
If I lived by Tilt! and had money worth mentioning, I'd be fine because then I'd just play ITG2, which has plenty of 10's, but as it is, how the hell can I get better with 10 songs that challenge me, a few hundred that bore me, and a bunch that I can't come close to?
That, or I need to find out where I can get all the songs from ITG2 on my SM.  But of the 8 people I've asked, none of them have even answered. =(
Read March 11, 2007, 11:33:36 AM #88

Quote from: "tada"
Quote from: "Davyn"
how many heavy aaa's do you have, tada?

Two.  I could probably get more, but it's just more frustrating than fun to get AAAs on DDR.  One Great and it's "Now I gotta finish this song... don't care anymore... great attack."  At least if there were Marvelouses, there would not be the same "Great.  Everything's over" feel.  That's one of the reasons why I like IIDX so much.  For the best grade, you can "screw up" a little by getting Greats.  With dozens, sometimes hundreds of "mistakes" you can get the best grade.

That's why you play oni. Oni / nonstop rewards an imperfect player with quirks moreso than the accurate player without some sort of strange MA adaptation. I kind of have a problem with DDR in this sense. The great penalty isn't severe enough, and you can get pretty dope scores as long as you keep your marv ratio above around 10:1 with perfs. DDR is a strange, but really cool game in this sense. So if you are really looking for a less punishing environment, you'd play nonstop. Oni is the same way, but I hope you like 1x

Quote from: "tada"
Guess what?  I already don't play DDR anymore.  Almost strictly play ITG.  I'm just saying, if there were Marvs in normal gameplay in DDR, I'd probably play them both about equally.  DDR lacks difficulty in both its stepcharts and judgements.  Since they seem to be unwilling to up the chart difficulty, they could probably turn a lot more people back on to DDR with one little tweak that allowed Marvs in normal gameplay.  Avoiding Greats is stressful.  One and it's over.  Avoiding Perfects if Marvs were present would not be so stressful.  It's not the end of the world if you get a Perfect or five.

When you start stressing over ex's let me know, because when you get better it's just as if not more frusturating.
I'm not flaming you here, but I honestly don't think you know what you're talking about, and your argument is kind of weak because of it.

Quote from: "Suko"
The Perfect windows in SN are considerably smaller than those in Extreme. However, ITG's Fantastics are still smaller than SN's Perfects (but not by much). And the Marvelouses in the Nonstop and Oni modes are still the most dificult timing window in both ITG and DDR.

If you're going to support DDR, your strongest argument would be EX's Marv window. It's still the hardest timing out there. And as for people ripping on oni, they just aren't up to the challenge, and should back off of DDR until they start passing some courses and getting good scores.

Quote from: "suko"

I just got my 8th AAA about a week ago, and it was on a 7 stepper on DDR. In fact, the only higher step songs I've AAA'd are My Summer Love, and the only reason its a 9 is because without speed mods it ain't so easy. That being said, it takes a LOT of training and practice to become a AAA master in DDR, which is why most people do exactly what you do Tada, they quit trying to get AAA's and move on to the 10+ stepper in ITG. As you said, you don't have to worry about trying to get every single step perfect then.

Marv ~ Fant (marv is smaller)
Perf ~ Ex (perf smaller)
I still think you can sort of compare the two. So I really don't think the whole DDR vs. ITG argument works in this sense.

Quote from: "suko"
I just remember how respected AAA players were in DDR. Now those same guys get shut out by people who can pass bloodrush with a 85%.

No. the best DDR players are still considered the best. Players who actually appreciate both games or players that have any idea of what they are talking about will still respect DDR players. Much of the ITG community can't touch old scores set by people back when. The records speak for themselves.
Quote from: "suko"

These guys get more attention and respect than the guys who can quad-star Spaceman on hard. Both take training, patience, and skill, but I personally have more respect for the quad-star over someone who was able to spam the pad for 2 minutes and get lucky.
1: Quad stars are more admirable than passing ability. Passing ability is taken for granted in the ITG era. Back when EX was still hot shit, edits garnered a lot of attention. A bunch of quad stars look better than a few B's and A's/ Stars, right?

Quote from: "The Wise Fool"
And anyway, if you dislike attempting DDR AAA's, then don't attempt DDR AAA's.
Quote from: "suko"
I can't agree more. Notice that I seem to favor DDR, but that doesn't mean I rip on ITG for making things too hard. If you guys are so obsessed with ITG and hate DDR, then simply don't play DDR! I doubt anyone ever put a gun to your head and told you to put your freakin quarters into the DDR machine. If you prefer ITG, more power to ya, have fun. I for one will enjoy the best of both worlds and be completely satisfied.

I'm surprised more people don't listen to this.  It's all about doing your own thing. But when people invade someone else's world, stuff happens like this.
Read March 11, 2007, 01:12:11 PM #89

I think perhaps one of the best inclusions to the entire Pump It Up series is the word "game" in their web address.  If you're playing a game, you shouldn't be unhappy.
Read March 15, 2007, 11:38:58 AM #90

i agree, if u simply dont like the game, dont play it.. and if u do, then do ur own thing. me, i enjoy both. oh and games like ddr shouldnt be so stressful about scores. maybe if you were playing someone in a tourny then thats a different story. but the main part is just to have fun with it.
Read March 22, 2007, 12:33:12 AM #91

Site is up!  I can't read the titles, only the banners.  Nothing new so far though.
Read March 29, 2007, 12:46:50 PM #92

Oh Snap!
Read March 29, 2007, 01:46:30 PM #93

Did you see those results screens?  Hopefully, the people playing just REALLY suck. ;P (otherwise, I'm kind of afraid of how bad the syncing will be)
Read March 29, 2007, 03:29:25 PM #94

If those people each got 100+ misses, I somehow doubt that it's lack of syncing.
The Wise Fool
Read March 29, 2007, 05:11:33 PM #95

Quote from: "tada"
If those people each got 100+ misses, I somehow doubt that they could actually get an A.
Read March 29, 2007, 05:17:40 PM #96

it's a mockup.

here i'll post the info from every other site on the internet to simulate discussion on this forum:

Title Screen
- Opening Movie revived
- Machine code is GDJ (IIDX GOLD was GLD, SuperNOVA1 was FDH...)
- Version was J:A:A:2007032800

e-amusement related
- Your DANCER NAME from e-amusement pass for SuperNOVA1 works on SuperNOVA2
- - (something about a clear mark?)
- There is a new record entry on the e-amusement card added called WORKOUT
- - Same as home versions diet mode
- - You can enter your weight and the game will show how many calories you've done
- - The weight is hidden and the game shows **** for the weight (on the first play, the game shows ooo.okg)
-- You can enter whatever weight; you can enter 0000.

Select A Style
- It tells you how many credits are required for selecting some modes.
- There are 6 modes: Tutorial, Rockle?, Standard, Battle, Nonstop and Challenge modes.
- - You cannot select Standard or Battle mode just yet. (Under Construction)
- - Tutorial says "Preferred for beginners", Challenge says "Preferred for high-rank players" with corresponding icons on the screen.
- Battle mode is enabled when there is only 1 player
- - You can battle with the CPU. You may be allowed to select 5 levels.

Music Select
- Cursor moving sound effect changed. It's not as annoying as before.
- Category sort revived
- - Two folders: SuperNOVA2 and SuperNOVA.
- - There are about 300 songs in the SuperNOVA folder but you cannot select it yet.
- Some sorting modes have been added
- - Series title (DDR EXTREME's Category Sort), ABC, BPM, Artist Name, Difficulty, Dance level, TOP30(MyBEST), TOP30(Machine), TOP30(e-AMUSEMENT)
- - When you press left and right together, a SORT menu pops up on the left. When you select a sort, it is a bit confusing as when you select it, the sound effect played is exactly the same as the sound effect when you pick a song to play!
- Groove Radar values have expanded
- - FAXX or CHAOS now appears more hard on the groove radar than SuperNOVA1
- Clear Lamp function added
- - Like IIDX, when you clear a song, a light by the side of the song will be lit (1P: Blue 2P: Red)
- Full Combo Mark
- - The circle effect around the grade for full combo is shown everywhere including the MUSIC SELECT screen, etc.
- You can see the level of songs other than the song that is currently under the cursor
User Image (see the gray blocks?)
- Roulette is gone
- When accessing the OPTIONs you no longer have to hold it 100% of the time (Like DDR EXTREME)
- Option cursor movement sound effect has changed
- There is an option named SPECIAL
- - You cannot change this option from NORMAL at the moment

In Play ~ Result
- Country best (e-AMUSEMENT) disappeared
- - Personal best and machine best is displayed instead
- When playing in VERSUS, two dancers are displayed while in play
- - However, only one dancer at a time is on the screen
- Dancer (YUNI(4th)) is revived
- While in play, the song name and song artist is shown
- Dancer's cut-in effect appears while playing
- - It happens at 20, 50, 100, 150...
- - It appears on the opposite side while playing SINGLE, the middle while VERSUS, doesn't appear while during DOUBLE
- - It will not happen if the background has no dancers (i.e. during a background movie)
- - When there are two dancers, one will appear at the top and one at the bottom
- In BATTLE mode, the design of the frame while in play is like the design of DDR EXTREME's frame
- N.G. is shown in the result screen
- The maximum score is 1,000,000; the scoring method has changed
- - The score is in 100s, there is never a digit that is non-zero in the tens and ones column.
- - Dance level AA appears after you get 950,000 points.

Extra Stage
- Sounds like Raspberry Heart
- Conditions for unlocking Extra/One More Extra is the same as SuperNOVA1
- Old songs don't appear during Extra Stage (? unconfirmed)
- Extra/One More Extra forced options can be changed by the way you select the song with the button
- - The options are changed with the way you press the button but conditions are unknown
- - One More Extra include "None" or "REVERSE DARK"

- Before ejecting the e-AMUSEMENT card, it displays how many calories you used and how many ENJOY POINTs you got
- This will cause ENJOY LEVEL to go up (The details about ENJOY POINTs is unknown at this time)
- "My Groove Radar" is shown along with the dance rank you gained this session.
- Lastly, a picture with the message saying "Hope you enjoy the final version" is shown.
- Normally, Afro is shown; but if you get up to One More Extra Stage, Yuni is shown.

Other Notes
- There is possibility of location tests else where (in Japan) as "TOKYO DISTRICT LOCATION TEST" is written on the notebook
- can't translate this
- The address of the web questionnaire is written on the notebook
- The timing of SuperNOVA2 is a bit late but it also depends on a song-to-song basis
- The revival of ALL SuperNOVA1 songs seems to have taken place, excluding Beautiful Life.
Read March 29, 2007, 10:47:12 PM #97

Actually, none of those numbers add up.  I think they just inserted random values as a sort of preview for what it was going to be.
Read March 30, 2007, 11:25:05 AM #98

I have a really important question to me...Did they make it so that when you chose RANDOM, you can hear the song when you enter the options menu? The change they made on this between Extreme and SN really peeved me off.

EDIT: Are there any plans for a score-keeping system similar to e-amusement for the US players?
Read March 30, 2007, 11:38:23 AM #99

all sources point to no for the eamuse Sad

but i am otherwise kinda pumped for sn2. looks a lot better than the first. except for the toasties. u_u
Read March 30, 2007, 01:32:45 PM #100

The only time I ever would have AAA'd Absolute, I got a fuckin' toasty, got 1 friggin' good, and then committed virtual suicide.  I have never been able to get the ending right since then.

Hopefully, the pads don't suck like the SN ones do. :/
The one at Bi Gals is already worse than any of the Wunderland pads, which have all been around for years.
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