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June 02, 2011, 07:01:47 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Just put up.  June 8-12.
Read June 02, 2011, 08:00:59 PM #1

Already huh? I'm excited to see the song list.
Thanks for posting gosha!

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Read June 02, 2011, 09:13:10 PM #2

Hopefully this means we'll be seeing more unlock codes for X2 soon.
Read June 03, 2011, 12:50:29 AM #3

This pic was posted on producer Yoshihiko Ota's Facebook as well...

DDRX3 vs 2nd Mix?
Read June 03, 2011, 07:10:04 AM #4

I'm going to wishfully think that the above picture means we're getting revives.
Read June 03, 2011, 10:32:08 AM #5

I'm going to wishfully think that the above picture means we're getting revives.
Now with more Shock Arrows!
Read June 03, 2011, 05:04:48 PM #6

There are already plenty of 2nd mix revivals; I really want to see more from 3rd-5th mix.
Read June 03, 2011, 06:44:28 PM #7

boom boom dollar kog g3 2011 plzkthxbye.
Read June 04, 2011, 03:08:06 PM #8

How interesting, I can't wait to see what they have in store. (hopefully it's not disappointing)

It definitely looks like the 2nd mix logo to me: the elongated "X" in the bottom-right, the circular logo above the X, and the small indent on the left marking it as a "2"....I could go on and on (I actually just finished looking at logos from 2-7) but this logo definitely seems to fit the bill. Shocked
Read June 08, 2011, 06:56:18 AM #9

AIJ posted a facebook note:

Okay, I just got back.
I'll have to update the song list later on Bemaniwiki (difficulties mostly) but in the meantime, here are some point form notes from me today, completely random:
New songs:
 Get Back Up!/EB Runners BPM:155bpm SP:2/6/9/12/- DP:-/-/-/-
Take A Step Forward/TAG feat. Sydney Powers BPM:145 SP:2/6/9/11/- DP:-/-/-/-
The Heavens Above U1 /F Anneliese BPM:140 SP:2/6/9/12/- DP:-/-/-/-
Haunted Rhapsody/Architecht ft. Jasmine Nii BPM:155 SP:2/5/7/14/- DP:-/-/-/-
HEARTBREAK (Sound Selektaz remix)/NAOKI ft. Becca Hossany BPM:155 SP:1/4/6/10/- DP:-/-/-/-
dreaming can make a wish come true/jun & NRG Factory feat. Anna Kaelin BPM:143 SP:2/4/7/11/- DP:-/-/-/-
ever snow/TERRA BPM:145 SP:2/4/8/12/- DP:-/-/-/-
IN THE ZONE/U1 (NPD3 style) & KIDD KAZMEO BPM:124 SP:1/4/7/9/- DP:-/6/8/-
Let's Get Away/NAOKI feat. Brenda Burch BPM:150 SP:2/4/7/9/- DP:6/10/13/-
MAGIC PARADE/Lea Drop feat. Katie Dellenbach BPM:127 SP:1/4/7/10/- DP:-/-/-/-
Private Eye/atomsoak ft. cerol BPM:160 SP:2/4/8/12/- DP:-/-/-/-
Rhythms Inside/DKC Crew BPM:131 SP:1/3/8/9/- DP:4/7/9/-
Seasons/TOMOSUKE feat. Crystal Paloa BPM:168 SP:2/5/8/11/- DP:-/-/-/-
Wicked Plastik/nc ft. Electric Touch BPM:145 SP:3/4/8/13/- DP:6/11/13/-
Diamond Dust/TAG BPM:148 SP:1/5/7/10/- DP:-/-/-/-
CRAZY LOVE/jun BPM:89-177 SP:3/5/12/15/- DP:7/12/15/-
* When I went there were about 20 people ahead of me, and about the same behind me when I finally got up to play
* Cameras/videos were forbidden (of course) but I noticed a sticker on the machine that said a web camera was monitoring the area for illicit recording
* About a quarter of the people in line were female
* The interface is almost the same as X2, the color scheme is blue on blue instead of green on green, and it has slanted lines and bobbing circle patterns as opposed to the waves and pulsating patterns of X2
* Other song Folders than the one currently selected is not displayed
* I didn't notice anything special in the 2nd mix folder except for e-Motion
* Many of the songs were in the 9~12 range on Expert, with one being a 14 (forget the title; EDIT> Haunted Rhapsody) and Crazy Love being a 15.
* Only 4 players ahead of me played on Expert difficulty. Light/Standard was the norm for most, some played on double, and 2 of them (2 of the 4 I saw in total) played Expert
* Bemani Title sort is there.
* There is a list of numbers on the side 1 through 10, You use the numeric keypad to select : 0=Personal Best, 1=Machine Best, 2=Prefecture/Area Best, 3=National Record, 456=Rivals, 7=Group Top, 89=Group Rivals (I'm not positive, but group might mean your collection of rivals)
* Most of the new songs sounded okay from what little I could hear (I like Diamond Dust anyways), but the steps overall seemed a lot easier than what was on the test location of X2.
* After peeking through the surveys given to the players to hand into a feedback box (I probably shouldn't have done that), there was a section asking to rate the difficulty of the songs, and just about everyone said it was "just right" or "a little easy". I'm not sure what this might mean for the final release.
* The timer on the game was pretty quick; players didn't have a lot of time to go browsing the song list
* eAmuse could not be used on this test location version.
* Quite a few of the players ahead of me PFCd some of their songs (though it was on Light/Standard). I was the first one in line to PFC something on Expert since I was there (Diamond Dust). Nobody seemed phased at all though, and the machine record for every song, including Crazy Love, is a PFC
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