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July 22, 2010, 01:37:42 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

I just got back from my local store in Lacey.  I picked up the Beatles Rock Band LE bundle for $60.  The one that comes with a mic/stand/drums/guitar/game.  I was pretty shocked at the price.  It was tagged at $150, but rang up for the sale price.

They also have a lot of Rock Band/Guitar Hero games on sale.  Guitar Hero 5 was like 15-16 bucks, same with Van Halen.  They had the Rock Band games for 11.99, including Beatles, RB2, and the track packs.

They also had a 10% off coupon in the weekly ad, on the back, which makes it an even better deal.  I figured some people would be interested in getting these games for cheap.  Should be good store wide.
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Are all platforms on sale, or just specific ones?
Read July 22, 2010, 05:51:50 PM #2

I only saw PS3/360 for the Beatles bundles, but all the games were on sale for each playform.  The PS2 ones being a bit cheaper.
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