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February 13, 2011, 01:19:50 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Before I started this site, my time was spend creating and being the lead Admin for a series of (still ongoing) DDR and ITG simfile tournaments, currently named BEST-mix.

If you were ever familiar with DDRei's Tournamix Series, my tournaments were pretty much the same, except smaller in size (aka less crappy files) and with a much higher quality. Winning Tournamix was a popularity contest; winning BEST-mix is due to a great file that has been reviewed and judged in several areas.

I recently just re-made the files available for download.
Some of the later tournaments started having R21 compatible files using .OGG, and the packs feature most of the best DDR simfile authors.

NOTE: Most of these songs are DDR style; meaning they are all PAD charts that don't usually go higher than an 11 foot chart. They are extremely fun, but just so you know, they are not your stamina-draining-kneecap-busting-machine-hogging-8-minute-dragonforce-14-foot-super-marathon songs (or anything remotely similar).

If you like DDR simfiles, and want some of the best DDR simfiles to ever be created, you own it to yourself to download these packs! This may sound like I'm just hyping them up; but I've been actively involved with DDR Simfiles since Tournamix 2, I've help DDRUK's Simfile Project, I almost single-handedly ran the end of Tournamix 5, and I've played a ton of simfiles (excluding stuff uploaded to Bemanistyle's random pool of files).
All but maybe 2 or 3 of these files are not mine; but from authors of the main DDR communities that were alive at the time (, nDDRo,>now

I've still hosted at least one tournament a year during the summer; but most of the simfile authors are growing up as well and moving away from DDR.

Anyway, check out the files!  Cheesy

BEST-mix Simfile Downloads

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I will run through these as I get a chance, and, depending on the number of files and general opinion of them (at a minimum mine plus Laura's, hopefully another one or two players on top of that), I'll probably prepare a partial or full pack to be loaded on the Acme machine alongside whatever else Keby and I prep for Sakuracon.
Read February 13, 2011, 03:48:04 PM #2

Here are the results from each contest as well, so if you're looking for just a few good ones these would be the place to start. Unfortunately sometimes good files don't make it to the finals, so there are a lot of great files not in the final results, so make sure to play ones beyond these. Smiley

BEST-mix #1 Final Results
BEST-mix #1.5 Final Results
BEST-mix #2 Final Results
BEST-mix #3 Final Results
BEST-mix #4 - DDR Final Results
BEST-mix #4 - ITG Final Results

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