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February 20, 2017, 09:50:37 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

I just recently got back into IIDX due to Infinitas and getting a brand new DJ DAO FP7 controller (with Sanwa and 50g Omrons, SO NICE!) and I was wondering if there are any other PNW Infinitas players?

I'm mainly looking to find an active mutual rival!

I used to play a lot of IIDX back during the 9th Style era back when I was in high school and had more free time on my hands. So I've been trying to get back up to my old skill level. Right now I'm a 二段 (2-Dan) but I used to be able to pass Level 8s before I stopped playing.

Also, I live in Portland but next weekend I am taking a trip up to Seattle to spend a day at Round1 Southcenter! I am so freaking excited! Woo!
Read October 17, 2021, 03:59:19 PM #26

It's been a hot minute, but with Round 1 open at Vancouver Mall and the release of IIDX 29 CastHour, I've been playing a lot more IIDX lately!

I'm looking for more rivals for IIDX if anyone wants to be my rival in INFINITAS/CastHour!

I'm finally breaking into Lvl 10s but am currently a 6th Dan in INFINITAS.

My INFINITAS ID is:  C-4139-9036-4616
My CastHour IIDX ID is: 4669-7979

Just let me know if you do Rival me so I can reciprocate!
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