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Poll: Are M-mod scores legitimate or not?
Poll Results Are M-mod scores legitimate or not?
Yes, M-mods are completely legit
No, I don't think M-mods should count
I'm not sure
M-mods are a speed mod, and speed mods are H4X!
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October 26, 2010, 11:48:10 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

As the poll states, if a player gets a high score using an M-mod (M450, M600, etc), should it count as a legitimate score (for example, on Groovestats)?

M-mods were not part of the original ITG2 setup, and as such, I'm torn whether they should be counted on score tracking websites such as Groovestats. What are your thoughts, opinions, and arguments for or against the use of M-mods?

For those who don't know, the M-mod is a speed modifier that sets the speed multiplier at whatever is necessary for the maximum speed of the song to match the number indicated.

Example: M900 on a 140 bpm song = Speed Multiplier of 6.42x

Long story short: The M mod is just like a C mod, but it keeps the stops and speed changes in the song.

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Read October 30, 2010, 12:31:24 AM #1

I think they should be counted for personal scores and the like, but I think that only actual official mods should be able to be counted.
The community seems to like using them, but at the same time in doing so makes charts far FAR easier to read in many cases.
Since itg players PRIDE themselves (in all caps) on playing INSANE SONGS they should also keep in mind that part of the difficulty in a game is being able to read the notes at such a blistering speed.
I mean, if I saw someone using a C or M mod playing a 15 foot song I'd be less impressed than seeing someone play a far easier song on 1x.

Read November 03, 2010, 11:51:59 AM #2

Although we only have 6 votes, it's split dead even. I'm surprised, I didn't think it would be this indecisive.
Read November 03, 2010, 01:45:33 PM #3

In regard to certain songs with high scores under odd mods, I think so long as the same movement difficulty to the player applies, it should be fine. Because I'm okay with uniquely created x2.25 speed mods, it seems like M-mods are about the same.. just more specific.

Even if the arrows themselves appear in a different way, it just goes back to how challenging the chart is. Like I wouldn't call DarkXuxa's quad of SummerSpeedy on x4/Mirror/Distant not legit just because he didn't play on the Overhead x1 standard from back in the day.

Regarding the x1 less-than-15-footer being impressive, I'd agree, but not from the perspective of it being the only legit way. When you get down to AAAing Bag on x1, it's more of a memorization factor than just a player's skill.

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Read November 03, 2010, 10:52:40 PM #4

MMods, like any other dance-game related innovation, I think should be welcomed by the community.Pretty much every theme I see that comes out now has Xmods in increments of .25x, so every cabinet ends up having practically every speed mod ever anyway. I'd say it's harder to find an unhacked machine now than it is a hacked machine, so the problem of unfairness is irrelevent. As for CMods, according to the latest trends, it's acceptable for stamina/footspeed stuff, even if the song has speed changes/gimmicks. Personally, I like the nice round-fraction look that .5x and .25x mods give and I like the feel of gimmicks, so I stick to those for everything.
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