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November 24, 2015, 07:24:26 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

I believe this was mentioned in the Round1 thread, but kinda fell by the wayside. I've made one myself that is awaiting being posted over on GameFAQs, but the game itself wasn't even in their database, so I have to wait for THAT to get fixed first (and who knows when it'll actually get fixed, I don't think anyone looked at the queue today over there).

(EDIT)The initial version was posted today, so I'm pulling the version from GoogleDocs. New link:

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Here's a rough translation of STEP UP mode, feel free to share, or do whatever you want with it.

Copula STEP UP Mode

Before you start STEP UP for the first time, obtain a rank from CLASS mode first!! Otherwise you'll start from Beginner charts and slowly climb up.

TLDR of the story: you’re going around the city, visiting train stations, and helping out local business so you can make the ultimate parfait. Seriously.

Each station has one ingredient that you need in order to complete the story mode. The overworld map is a single “line” of subway line – you start in the middle station, and you can move one station to the left, or to the right, after each credit. When you collect all ingredients from each station, a final station appears next to the starting point, and once you clear that final station, you see the ending for STEP UP.

The map is the following:

1.   Strawberry
2.   Pineapple
3.   Pudding
4.   Watermelon
5.   Melon
6.   Orange (you start here)
7.   Parfait (this is the final boss station – only appears when you cleared all other stations)
8.   Cherry
9.   Banana
10.   Kiwi
11.   Cream

At each station, you see the leader character that you have to “defeat” on the left side. On the left there is a little picture (e.g., an orange) that’s grayed out. Each time you complete a song (without failing) you fill up that fruit-meter. For normal-clear or assisted-clear, you get 33%. For Hard gauge clear, you get 50%.

Once you beat all stations, Parfait station will appear. Note that its location may be left of Orange, or right of Orange; it shows up closer to your current location. Once you clear the final station, you get ending credits.

Dokimeki meter (the little heartrate monitor thing on the top right) – if you choose the Dokimeki folders, which has a list of songs you cleared previously, you fill up the Dokimeki meter. Easy clear fills up the gauge by 1/6, normal is ¼, hard clear / full combo is 1/3. If you fill up this meter, you get the avatar for that station. It will ask you Yes/No – if you choose yes, you equip the items right away, if you do no, you still get them but they’ll go to your inventory.

Quests – they are random. They are things like, get less than 500 GOODs over 3 songs, etc. If you clear quests twice, you can move up to THREE stations left or right.

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Link in OP updated. Also, a new event started today, but I've not got a clue what it's about.
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