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March 18, 2013, 11:03:58 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Don't know if anyone has heard about this yet, but Gemini Arcade Palace, quite possibly the best music game arcade in this part of the country since AI shut down, will be closing their doors on the 22nd of April. Before that, however, they will be hosting one final big lock-in during their closing weekend:

If you've never been to Gemini before, you should seriously consider paying them a visit before they close. If anything, come to the lock-in! Just be warned, you might regret it when you realize you only came for that one weekend before they close. Smiley

Juli Gemini has said that the arcade is closing temporarily and will be opening up sometime later in a new location. However nobody knows where that location will be yet...

If for some weird reason, any of you find yourselves in Salt Lake on Friday the 5th or the 19th of April, a bunch of us from Beatgamer will be making a couple of trips down to enjoy some music games at Gemini and for the lock-in itself. You're more than welcome to come with us, see our facebook page at for more information and to RSVP.

Otherwise, I highly highly recommend visiting Gemini before they close! If you've been on the fence about making a trip yourself or with a group, now's the time to just do it.
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