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on: May 02, 2015, 11:34:16 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 68.5%
Going to try to tackle all of this in a logical order and without going on too long, but there's a good handful to cover.

At the most general level, if you see it working, it is accurate to say it is programmable - it just might not be nice to work with. As for what you can do in Lua, there are only a few things that you really can't do, though you do still have to get clever sometimes.

First off, regarding Stepmania versioning, you do seem to have things right. Here are the main relevant versions that I'll be mentioning:
- 3.9 (SMMAX theme)
- 3.95 and branches (real ITG and OpenITG)
- SM5 (4 branched as SSC, SSC officially became 5, the main point of SSC, as you mentioned, was originally a theme engine overhaul - 3.9+5 themes will not work and vice versa; introduced the new .ssc file format because there are new step types and other chart features that .sm and .dwi don't support)
I'm just going to work my way up the hierarchy of Stepmania hackery.

Without Lua, you get the following:
1. Chart Level
- Doubles as "Couples"
-> Pump Pro 2 (SM4-branched, IIRC? I don't remember) had proper engine support (Red/Blue per player) added. It may be possible to do the same in ITG with Lua and mods, but I don't know for sure.
- BPM tricks (double BPM with a short stop after each step to stutter, etc.)
-> Go fast enough and arrows appear to jump, since the game renders one frame every 16.6 milliseconds and they technically do "jump", you just can't see it until the arrows are really fast; mix with stops for more fun.
- Negative BPM Glitch (3.9+5 only; SM5 fixed the underlying bug)
-> If at the 60 second mark you flip to a negative BPM and 20 seconds "earlier afterward" (the editor will count time backwards as you scroll through measures) go back to the normal BPM, then 40 seconds in, the arrows on screen clear and it immediately thinks you're at the later 40 second mark, so it loads what would be on screen then and continues playing.
-> It more or less started with Monotune Respect (foonmix) back in the 3.9 days:
-> SM's DDR scoring works fine, ITG scoring breaks (Monotune is AAAable, but a "quad" is about 76%, since the unused steps are simply 0's, equivalent to goods/decents)

2. Song Level
- BPM changes are constant across difficulties for a song, and technically should be listed here; SM5 may have or may not have or may in the future change to per-chart BPM stuff being allowed a la Pump
- BGAnimations supports placing graphics in the foreground that cover everything under them. There are charts like Sweet Doughnuts (Gay4Gimmix Again), Jayce's Still Alive, or the infamous Box ( that do just cover the screen in something that tells you what to hit (as a conventional chart or otherwise), with the actual chart hidden underneath, others just use graphics to block the screen randomly (like Party Rock).
-> Full screen animations cover judgement, life bar, and score completely
- Mod scripts - you give a list of times to apply mods (turning them off is a matter of setting stuff back to normal).
-> I believe there's a non-Lua way to do this for a song, but am not 100% on that.
-> This is the way ITG courses do mods - the course definition supports mod scripting (the previous unknown is whether this exact format is available for songs as well)
-> The format translates to a very simple "at time X:XX, apply mod Y" with no way to do anything dependent on the current players nor any way to do something different to each player.
-> I know you can have arrows under different mods on screen if they're before/after the mod change, I don't know if you can set mods per-column or per-individual-arrow with a mod script.
-> Spergin2's Sweet Doughtnuts changes the chart (to left-right-left-right-...), but not the video overlay that displays the original G4G chart, so you have to know the pattern and when to start (and whether left or right) and get no judgment feedback.
-> Mod scripts support percentages, -50% mini makes the arrows bigger, various percentages (<50%) of reverse can be used to move the casings up and down without flipping the arrow direction, 10000% dizzy for a split second is a common flourish, etc.

Lua has been a core part of Stepmania for a long time, the engine overhaul for SM5 was basically a way to move more of the theme definition into Lua for simplicity, since theming via metrics.ini is kind of awkward and confusing even without a lot of Lua. The Lua execution environment offers access to anything the theme should need and more, regardless of what context Stepmania is trying to use Lua in, which is why the discovery that Lua can be called from within a song led to almost anything being fair game in OpenITG. For the most part, if you can do it without Lua, you probably can do it with Lua, too.

The rules of thumb on whether it takes Lua or not:
- Chart oddities and simple "display this image/video here" directives don't need Lua
- Unless they are dynamic somehow (selectively displaying an image, picking from a set conditionally, anything else that isn't always exactly the same)
- Everything else is probably Lua

Some actual Lua uses in game:
- Defining the flashing and display angle (ITG: great and lower are tilted) of judgement graphics in your theme's metrics.ini (and overriding it in song)
- Telling GAMEPREFSMAN that the Marvelous window (everything's DDR names internally still) is now 20 seconds wide
-> GAMEPREFSMAN persists changes, so this would actually stick, even across reboots
- WinDEU has used some combo of Lua and BGAnims to 3D render giant spinning ITG arrows that bounce around the screen as a foreground overlay
- Overriding your chart selection with a random pick for that song (the chart is actually immutable once picked, so you have to write Lua that edits it - which will apply on next load - and then exits/reenters the play screen, but it has been made to work)
- Scripting minigames into breaks between actual steps
-> Lose the minigame? You get random mods for awhile
-> WinDEU has a marathon where 1p plays a chart while 2p has to try to stop mods from being applied via various minigames as well as one where 1p plays a chart on a Taiko-style stripe at the top while 2p has to dodge TouHou-style bullet-hell by moving an unarmed character around the screen the whole time
- Alternate judgement graphics, including support for what seems to be a super-fantastic (displayed, not counted for scoring purposes):
- Making the life bar, score, and any other standard objects spin, disappear, change colors, etc
- Among the many things in Party Rock ~bathtub mix~ is a text alert bar that goes very rarely used otherwise (certain operator actions trigger it IIRC) and "press GREEN to add even more crap":
- WinDEU has also managed to make a marathon jump to a Megaman-style stage select once started and between songs, so you can play the songs in any order you want before a final boss song. WinDEU has done a lot of things that Stepmania would rather not have had done to it, though.

I haven't seen Pi, but what you described sounds trivial from a non-graphics perspective at least - the score display is a function of the actual backing score, so removing it, then creating a separate one that plays by different rules (e.g. binary) should be easy in Lua. Translating bases is an absurdly common computer operation, so that should basically be a builtin in any language (and if not, it's dirt simple code). Having never done any SM Lua work beyond adding a little flicker to Chromatic's judgments (to differentiate steps, since the graphics don't move or bounce or anything).

Triggering sounds from Lua should also be reasonable (NOTE: have not seen Link or any that do it myself, so I'm just extrapolating from what I know), since there are already triggered sounds elsewhere in the engine (scrolling through the menu wheel, for example). There was a historical attempt to add full keysounding support, since 3.9 (and presumably later) could read .bms simfiles (beatmania charts) and remap them to 4/5/6/8/10 panel, it just wasn't able to play sounds on each key press a la most of the Bemani series.
on: August 27, 2014, 09:26:59 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Nykkel
Relevance: 66.6%
Maybe swap the ITG machines location with the Typhoon machine? That way, both machines won't be playing music directly into one another.

Just a suggestion of course!  Smiley
Bill mentioned that Pump It Up was going to be leaving at the end of the month, so I wouldn't be too surprised to see the new DDR machine take that spot.
on: August 13, 2014, 06:19:44 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by NSX
Relevance: 66%
Man, I just got back from Vietnam and was planning to practice up my piu skills...I think i might be hooked on piu now since that's all I had to play overseas. Hope that somehow pump can stay, if not, it's gonna be sad to see it go Sad
on: August 13, 2014, 09:52:32 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by cwkarma123
Relevance: 66%
Man, I just got back from Vietnam and was planning to practice up my piu skills...I think i might be hooked on piu now since that's all I had to play overseas. Hope that somehow pump can stay, if not, it's gonna be sad to see it go Sad

Here is what you really should...   Undecided

You should come beast with me and Abbye this week, and come do the 5k Sandblaster run in September.
on: July 24, 2014, 05:52:54 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Pez
Relevance: 65.4%
Bill I would take sara up on her offer.

These sensors were just purchased for 9 dollars a piece and out of 16 only a hand full were actually under sensitive. Also these were designed for the rectangular shape for Pump it up pads. As a result non fit properly and we had to clip the ends.

THESE however are the real deal. They work VERY well, and fit properly. Sadly they are twice the cost but ultimately worth it for a game like this that takes such a beating.

It's important to note the difference is length, sensitivity, and the bad ones have white wires, and the good ones have colored wires.

DDR sensors are smaller, and if they are cheap or from a bad batch they can become over sensitive as well.

I'd recommend buying what you can from sara, and then grabbing up a few of the really nice sensors for a rainy day.
Or if she changes her mind, then buy 8 nice ones and 24 cheap ones.

I'll sell em' ! I won't change my mind x)
on: July 24, 2014, 05:17:32 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by AndyBurnsDDR
Relevance: 65.4%
Bill I would take sara up on her offer.

These sensors were just purchased for 9 dollars a piece and out of 16 only a hand full were actually under sensitive. Also these were designed for the rectangular shape for Pump it up pads. As a result non fit properly and we had to clip the ends.

THESE however are the real deal. They work VERY well, and fit properly. Sadly they are twice the cost but ultimately worth it for a game like this that takes such a beating.

It's important to note the difference is length, sensitivity, and the bad ones have white wires, and the good ones have colored wires.

DDR sensors are smaller, and if they are cheap or from a bad batch they can become over sensitive as well.

I'd recommend buying what you can from sara, and then grabbing up a few of the really nice sensors for a rainy day.
Or if she changes her mind, then buy 8 nice ones and 24 cheap ones.
on: July 24, 2014, 03:57:04 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Pez
Relevance: 65.4%
I don't like the pads at acme are right now but the real problem is the quality of the sensors in there. We need to put money into buying official slightly undersensitive sensors. The sensors in acme pads are garbage which is the main source of the problem. No amount of modding can really fix that issue (I spent a lot of time at the beginning of the year trying to work on those pads. there isn't a lot you can do but adjust.) But yeah, its more likely to have pads modded for a very specific type of play style simply because it is nearly impossible to mod those pads well in the first place. Thus me giving up.

I have a lot of spare official pump sensors I can sell to ACME, but I stopped giving things out for free because I'm not a push over anymore Tongue They are used but all are tested for proper sensitivity. I would sell for $10 a piece.
on: April 14, 2014, 05:22:59 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Dr.Z
Relevance: 64.6%
Regarding ITG:
PlayerOne-side began with frequent pad misses during my first set then turned into unplayable in the middle of my 2nd set. Both the Up and Down arrows were getting stuck
 Undecided The sound for ITG is also set a bit too high. Normally I'm totally fine with loud, but the current setting just makes certain songs piercingly annoying.

Pump-wise, I noticed a bit of inconsistency with the PlayerOne for Fiesta 2. Don't recall exactly which sensors though.

Sorry, didn't stick around long enough yesterday to test the Player Two sides.
on: March 18, 2014, 08:39:47 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by cwkarma123
Relevance: 64.3%
I'm really concerned there could be an I/O board issue or something if the pads truely don't respond properly depending on the frequency/bpms? Like seriously, we should post this issue on AIJ. I have a spare PIUIO card we could use to test on the computer end at least. I also have spare floor I/O boards from my pump pads we can swap in to test out. I might be down to do this over the weekend.

Thanks for offering to help us out Sara, means a lot to us!  Grin

Just got back from ACME today and worked on the stage some more. It is working decently well at the moment, but again, it isn't the best. I'm up for anything at this point, I just want the stage to be perfect again.  Sad
on: March 08, 2014, 01:49:35 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by nekura
Relevance: 64.1%
I never thought I'd hear those words from you.
I'm making a 90 minute trip tomorrow to play some Fiesta 2 and Infinity (only have unpatched Fiesta nearby and the pads are kinda crappy). I am so excited!
Angry Teach the ways of the PIU.

Just played Pop the Track (19) and failed... To many twists and turns!  Cry
For me, playing harder shit on Pump it Up was like the same mental leap as going from Standard to Heavy on DDR. You just have to get past overthinking that shit. Some of my favorite songs for understanding turns are actually easier ones like Moonlight 10 and 80s Pop 12 (or maybe it's 13).
on: January 29, 2014, 01:28:51 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Ifc.NiNe
Relevance: 63.3%
I like the pump machine where it is. Mostly because of the darker area and corner location.

Exactly. Thats why  I would move it. The pump machine is great spot but  its trying to balance out both. When I go back out there I will re-evaluate things  see if we can come up with something to  benefit both machines though if you majority of your scene plays ITG then I would consider it. Thats just my personal opinion. We had this is back in Rocky Mount so we ended up moving the DDR and ITG machines to the back of the arcade inside of Putters
on: September 26, 2013, 05:05:18 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Suko
Relevance: 62.3%

The first is a Andamiro cabinet and the second is a Roxor. There's a lot of ways to tell the difference, but the most obvious is; if it's an Andamiro cab, it will have the Andamiro logo on the marquee and at the bottom of the subwoofer panels. The Roxor version doesn't have this.

Also, the Andamiro version has "Pump it Up" written above the In the Groove 2 logo on the marquee. You can kind of see it in the photos.
on: September 10, 2013, 07:23:54 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Pez
Relevance: 62.1%
hiya people.

So status on pad modding just so everyone knows the situation:

Alot of the replacement sensors that have been put into the machine are really really insanely sensitive DDR sensors. Because of this, I was having a lot of trouble finding the right amount of tape to use because I've literally had to put 40 layers of masking tape to pad out the trigger happiness of the right and down arrows. I wasn't having issues with up and right because they have more standard sensors that

1. Aren't spliced in
2. Width actually fits the sensor holder.

So, I can't come out again till I have gas money (lol) Which will happen on friday morning, but when it does, I'm bring a handful of andamiro pump sensors which I know have no issues to put in place of the main inner sensors on the down and right arrows so we can resume pad modding. For now the left side ~works~ but the down arrow may get stuck down intermittenly. Hard stuff is doable and you get the idea of the flatness for the next few days, I was able to 99 10's and 11's on it, but its not completely perfect yet because I can only do so much after work in 4 hours.

At the very least the way the left side is raised now, people can get an idea of how little they will have to move in order to hit the arrows in time for ~everything~. It's just a matter of me getting out there again to tweak it to perfection.

Also, I didn't touch the right side. Thanks everyone for coming last night + being moral support through the whole thing. We'll get it tuned up really well on friday, ~maybe~ sooner if its SUPER broken.

on: September 04, 2013, 01:58:07 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Laura
Relevance: 62.1%
So I hesitated a lot before making this post because it is entirely possible that I am the only Pump player who is even having this issue, at which point I'd feel funny bringing it up, but has anyone else happened to notice that the Pump pads - at least on the 2p side - are kind of under-sensitive, in the sense that you have to step harder-than-average to get them to trigger?  I've been having this problem where I get a lot of misses when I step lightly, and I don't have it with ITG or the Pump at Big Al's, but maybe it's just me?
on: June 03, 2013, 04:56:01 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by mvco
Relevance: 61.1%
Yes, Pump was way too loud.  Somehow the volume pot got bumped up to the max, glad none of the speakers blew!  It's back to a playable level now.  Or if not, please advise.  Are the once wobbly bars in better shape now?
on: April 07, 2013, 05:50:51 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 60.7%
No idea what happened with regard to the setting changes, but everything is almost back to where it should be.

Things I fixed today:
- Timer is turned off again
- Arrows no longer navigate the menus (I have no idea how that got turned on)
- Attract sequence is turned off again
- 1p left and 2p up are at least a little better
- It costs a dollar to play rather than 25 cents

Things I didn't fix today:
- Menu scroll rate is back to the ITG default (i.e. super slow)
- 2p down started acting up just before I left

I'll figure out what's up with the scroll rate in time for my next visit, and if Bill's techs haven't fixed the down arrow by then, I'll take a look at it then as well. For reference, all of the sensor issues as of late generally stem from the sensors being overly sensitive and/or the sensor brackets being too loose or too tight - usually tweaking the sensor brackets is enough to make the errors go away (except during Sakuracon because of the bouncy floor).

Regarding replacement arrows, Andamiro-made ITG dedicabs are, for the most part, a reconfiguration of Pump GX cabs (most obviously 4 panels instead of 5, plus different decals). I've seen it stated somewhere (don't remember where) that most of the parts are swappable (brackets, sensors, at least some of the electronics - I'm pretty sure the ITG arrows are identical to the Pump GX center panels, since that would save some manufacturing costs) and that Andamiro still makes replacements for most/all parts for GX cabs, so you should be able to get official replacements for the arrows (and optionally, the missing corner brackets) from Andamiro directly, though they probably don't produce the ITG decals anymore, so you'd either get blank arrows or yellow center panels from them. Assuming all of that is accurate (it all makes enough sense that I believe it is), Andamiro parts are most likely to actually fit, plus Andamiro's standardized, mass produced parts would most likely be a whole lot cheaper than custom orders at local manufacturers.
on: April 07, 2013, 03:51:46 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by AndyBurnsDDR
Relevance: 60.7%
Hey Bill

Tony and I were having trouble with the Player 2(right side) up arrow during the tournament and we found a problem sensor. We rotated them until there wasn't an issue and then unplugged the problem sensor.
We assumed there was too much bounce from the floor that was giving miss fires on the pads but I guess we were wrong about that.
If there are any other issues I wouldn't know because i haven't seen the machine since the Con

Ehh arrows aren't exactly "cheap" but I'm hoping you're looking into finding/making ITG arrows because DDR arrows are horrible in comparison.

I personally have an ITG2 upgrade cab which is an old DDR machine running a boxor and we have DDR arrows and they are super stiff in comparison.

Here is a photo of a friends upgrade cab and he made these arrows

they tiles came from a company called Tap Plastic's here in Portland

I also got info from Kyle Ward(co inventor of ITG) about the exact material
 they are made from and he sent me this link.

hope any of this helps. Just trying to keep that beautiful machine alive.

EDIT: I've also heard that Pump middle tiles fit into dedicabs and are the same material because they are made from andamiro however i've never been able to test this theory. But since you own both you could check this out. And if they don't fit perfectly you could always have tap plastic's cut them or you.
Decal's are a whole other story
on: April 09, 2013, 09:20:07 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 60.7%
I still have 2 spare DDR sensors somewhere in the trunk of my car, I believe, so I can do a little bit of work on the fly, as long as I remember to bring a knife and electrical tape. Speaking of which, of the sensors that have been replaced with DDR sensors (there are only a few), most have been swapped out correctly (cut the clip off the old and splice it onto the new), but at least one was cut below the clip, so now it's directly spliced into the lead wire and there's no clip. It still works, and that particular sensor hasn't been a problem, but if it does ever need to be replaced, it'll be a little more annoying than normal, plus it can't easily be rotated to other slots, since it can't be unclipped anymore (I did move this sensor during Sakuracon - dedicab lead wires are extremely long in general, so snipping the zip tie that bundles all of the sensor leads gave me enough wire to work with to swap two of the sensors without actually needing to cut and re-splice). The sensor in question has been that way as long as I've been opening up the machine, so there's probably no way to know who made the mistake, but it's definitely something to make sure the techs know not to do.

When I was checking into details about my "it's really a Pump GX cab" post, I did stumble on a parts reseller in Hong Kong that was selling supposedly-official Pump panels for $32.50 apiece (and supposedly-official Andamiro/Konami sensors for like $10 apiece, with a bulk discount for ordering 16+), but the panels were on back order, so it's hard to say if that would amount to anything. If this seems like a potentially useful lead, I can go dig up their info again.
on: January 17, 2013, 10:23:15 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Nykkel
Relevance: 59.9%
Pump It Up machine was out of order tonight with... "monitor issues".

I hope it malfunctioned, rather than being broken by an irate passerby.
on: December 21, 2012, 04:58:43 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Nykkel
Relevance: 59.7%
Some versions of Pump that I've seen treat a freeze like a long string of regular steps (your combo meter rapidly goes up while holding one), so it might treat them that way for life points as well.
on: December 21, 2012, 08:18:48 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 59.7%
Down at Acme now with a few people. Couldn't get the USB slots to work with my generic drive and neither could my friend. The volume is way way way quiet...pretty much impossible to hear a lot of songs. Terminator and Guitar Hero kind of need to be quieter, and Pump should probably be louder. The bass thing is weird, no idea what's causing that. Pads seem good. Hope things can get fixed up, game looks sweet and I wanna play some missions!
on: April 14, 2012, 10:31:45 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Gerrak
Relevance: 57.4%
As per the long winded angry-ish message I just left you after I left you a not-very-urgent 'the bar needs maintenance soon-ish', can you please fix these things during the week, rather than prime-time weekend when everyone wants to play? I mean come on... The screws just needed to be tightened, that was it; they were all loose. Nothing was about to break. I was going to play today... And tomorrow... Just please get it back as soon as possible (even unwelded with just the screws tightened like was requested...)


Oh btw post #500. Zing! Lets make it a good one...

So to contribute to the SN/Pump debate, James said
I'm probably a minority among the regulars, but if SN2 got swapped out for Pump, I'd honestly have no reason to go to Acme ever.
While I'll go to Acme for ITG obviously, I don't ever play pump either, because I just don't like it as well, and it's really nice to be able to stay warmed up on DDR when ITG is being used (as in, it keeps me playing ITG longer and keeps me from simply leaving when more than 2 or 3 other people are there). I think taking out the second 4-panel for a 5-panel is not a good trade, and many people who frequent Acme for 4-panel would be very upset. A much better exchange would be SN2 for Pump AND DDR Extreme (which Acme would be presumably fine with, since they wouldn't just be 'downgrading SN2'). We really should keep 2 4-panel machines there though, the lines get pretty ridiculously long as-is with the best ITG machine around. People come to Acme for 4-panel and to reduce that to 1 machine would really not be a good move, in my opinion and observation, and would effectively reduce the amount I, and probably others, play at Acme. Thanks for the consideration  Smiley
on: March 16, 2012, 07:59:29 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by mvco
Relevance: 56.9%
Saw the new Pump it up at the show here Vegas yesterday, pretty cool.  We are going to see if we can update a newer cabinet we have to this new version for Acme.  :-)
on: May 10, 2011, 02:47:44 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 52.3%
@Keby: Syncing is a little more complicated than that.  Sync is a function of the hardware, software, and the configurable global offset (furthermore, the default global offset in OpenITG is set differently per hardware configuration, so the PC settings may or may not match the dedicab settings, which are explicitly set to match the original Roxor dedicab settings, so as to preserve the sync on the official packs).  Whatever SM version you use, if you take a file you know to be perfectly synced on the Acme machine and tweak your global offsync until it's perfect on yours, then it should be good to go.

Honestly, can a few people PM with what they think are the best synced songs on the Acme machine?  I'd like to copy a few back off the machine and post them as a standardized pack for people to set their global offset with.  One caveat - the current configuration makes it awkward to pull certain things off.  The packs that work for copying individual files back are: Customs 2, Sakuracon 1 / 2, DDR Encore; ITG 1 and 2 are encrypted on the drive and cannot be pulled from the machine easily, so regardless of how well official songs might be synced, I can't copy the Acme version of it (it's probably safe to assume that ITG 1/2 machine rip packs are synced fine, but I want to be extra careful, so no ITG 1/2 syncing examples).

@Keby, part 2: Note the bit above about awkward configurations.  ITG 3 / Rebirth are living in some .zip file on the machine, and I don't remember there being a .zip with an obvious name like "" in the same directory as "Customs Pack" and "Keby\'s Pumpin\'".  I need to check figure out which archive it's in, and more importantly, what else will be lost and need to be added back on if I remove that archive; if we're updating those packs, I'll set them up outside the UserPacks manager.  I did this with Sakuracon 2010 and did not delete scores.  Honestly, the package manager sucks if you have other options - if we don't use an archived pack, then I can add/remove/update individual songs without dumping/reloading the pack.

As for adding stuff to the machine, I'll definitely have the new hard drive ready to go before SPERGIN, since we're trying to have the SPERGIN pack on the completely-out-of-drive-space machine at least a month before SPERGIN, so that's the latest it would be.

I've been way too busy to do anything else to the machine in about a week and a half, but I'm likely going to Acme tonight, and will take the opportunity to, at a minimum, peel the machine off the wall and look at the computer (hopefully there will be a poorly seated RAM stick to reseat, which will take care of the RAM issue).  I don't know what a dedicab computer looks like other than the fact it uses an IDE drive, so, if there's a slot for the new drive, I will slap it in and try to get it configured tonight - if not, then I need to figure out the best way to clone the existing data onto the new drive, etc., without:
1. Taking the machine offline for a significant amount of time.
2. Messing up the security dongle and blocking access to the encrypted official ITG data (that is, all of ITG 1/2's songs/courses)
3. Losing the machine records.
on: October 13, 2009, 03:11:35 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Gosha
Relevance: 39.1%
I believe a Pump It Up: Pro 2 is coming soon.  It was supposedly shown at the last LIW Show alongside that iDance game.  I don't know if it would be worth holding onto the cabinet for that or not.
on: August 05, 2009, 01:40:02 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Keby
Relevance: 38.2%
Back from Okinawa for a few days. Still haven't gone to Acme to get my ITG fix. Haven't played since November 07. At least I've kept up on 4 panels somewhat. But as far as Pump goes, I'll have to wait and see. Is Pump Pro still there? Whats a good time to go there?

Pump pro is gone sadly.
Weekends are good if you want to play with people from the community. But weekdays are nice because no one is around and you can actually here what your playing.
on: August 05, 2009, 01:36:45 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Devildog
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Back from Okinawa for a few days. Still haven't gone to Acme to get my ITG fix. Haven't played since November 07. At least I've kept up on 4 panels somewhat. But as far as Pump goes, I'll have to wait and see. Is Pump Pro still there? Whats a good time to go there?
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According to there site...

They have DJ Troopers.

  • DDR SuperNOVA 2
  • DDR Extreme
  • DDR 5th Mix
  • In The Groove 2
  • beatmania IIDX 15 - DJ Troopers
  • beatmania THE FINAL
  • Pop'n Music 16 - Party
  • Pop'n Music 14 - FEVER
  • DrumMania V5
  • GuitarFreaks V5
  • DrumMania V3
  • Pump It Up New Xenesis 2
  • DanceManiax 2nd Mix J-Append
  • Para Para Paradise 2nd Mix
  • Taiko no Tatsujin 10
  • Shamisen Brothers
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The Max2 that replaced Pump is set to four songs per game, and autofail seems to be disabled.  At least, all of Maxx Unlimited kept running even after people had given up on passing it as Extra Stage.

Not sure if it is 75c or $1.  Sticker on the machine says 75c, but that doesn't guarantee anything.  I didn't actually put money into it last night to see.  Surprised how many songs there were in Max2 that we don't have access to in Supernova, though.

Farren said he thinks the upper sensor on the P1 Right arrow might be out.

It was funny watching people walk in, pause as they noticed Pump was missing, and then leave again.  That is, funny if they were among the people who normally played 'free' credits and didn't spend any money.  If they actually had planned on putting money into Pump if it were there, then not so funny.
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If the Pump machine can't be prevented from giving free credits to cheapskates, I'd be surprised if Bill puts it anywhere.  Putting it at Narrows just means he loses money there instead of losing it at Acme.  Unless he can put a version of Pump on it that doesn't have the bug, of course.

I went to Acme last night at about 9pm and both of the change machines were empty.  The front desk either wasn't willing to supply quarters, or was legitimately out of them when I asked.  They said the change machines wouldn't be refilled until Monday, so I ended up just going home and not spending anything there.  Disappointing.  Maybe I'll start keeping an emergency roll of quarters in the car.  Smiley

Tried using the vending machines to get a few quarters, by sticking in a dollar bill and then hitting the change return, but the machine was apparently out of change, as it took the bill and gave me nothing back at all.  I guess that's what I get for trying to manipulate things.
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