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on: October 27, 2012, 06:57:58 AM  Top
Started by mvco, Message by mvco
Relevance: 28.6%
Hey all,
As most of you know, we have that newer Pump It Up cabinet that was at Sakuracon this year. 
It has been sitting at our shop, waiting fro the the Infinity kits to be released, which is happening very soon.  However, they are now also releasing Fiesta 2 at the same time!  I have no idea which one would appeal to most of you, so open to suggestions on which version to put in this cabinet before we drop at Acme soon.

Fiesta 2, or Infinity? 

Or is there little interest in either one?
on: October 28, 2012, 07:04:00 AM  Top
Started by mvco, Message by mvco
Relevance: 4.3%

If the above link does work, you can see trailers on both Pump games.
on: October 27, 2012, 10:31:04 PM  Top
Started by mvco, Message by sfxazure
Relevance: 2.2%
Thanks for following up on this, Bill! I'm all for pump at ACME and don't really care much for DDR, so I'm not too worried about SN2 being replaced. DDR Extreme would certainly be a plus, but I'm happier with just ITG and Pump than ITG and SN2.

As far as Infinity vs Fiesta2: the community in general hasn't seen much footage for either game, so it'll be difficult to say which game we want. Historically, Korean pump has impressed me more than the US versions, but Infinity is supposed to be different from the pro series, so it's hard to tell which is more worthwhile.
on: October 27, 2012, 11:32:51 AM  Top
Started by mvco, Message by Gerrak
Relevance: 1.3%
I just wanted to reiterate that it would be the weakest thing ever to replace the SN2 machine with Pump, as was originally the discussion. It would be the first time in many, many years (ever in my recollection) that Acme would be reduced to only 1 four-panel machine (Where we used to have three), and that would absolutely decrease my amount of play, and most likely other strictly four-panel players', since we wouldn't be able to play any between sets of ITG. For me at least, having the second machine drastically improves sessions where there are multiple players, since I don't have to wait so long and can stay warmed up. Also, the charts and style of DDR are much more conducive to beginning players, so people in that early stage are much better off using a DDR machine than the ITG machine.

It would, if you recall, be a much, much, much better solution to replace the SN2 machine with Pump AND a DDR Extreme machine. This would satisfy (and likely excite!) basically everyone involved, and would only require for rearranging machines to account for the space. Maybe we could remove one of the four or five car-racing games so we don't have to reduce the #1 four-panel location in the PNW to only one machine.

Anyway I appreciate your consideration on the matter Smiley
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