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on: April 13, 2012, 02:01:23 PM  Top
Started by Gosha, Message by Laura
Relevance: 40.4%
I actually think that ReRave would do really well at Power Play, because Power Play's target demographic lines up with ReRave's target demographic: Casual players who are looking for rhythm games with fairly familiar music and interfaces not based on obscure Asian games.

As I have said a few times now, PERSONALLY "greater music variety" is not really a plus for me; I play rhythm games almost exclusively for the strange, almost hokey music, and a rhythm game without Thomas Howard or Banya or Naoki or k-pop just wouldn't really feel the same to me.  That said, I think it IS a plus for ReRave and their target audience, which I think they would have no problem finding at Power Play.  By the same token, I think every arcade should have the newest upgrade of Pop'n, but I totally get that other people do not have the same taste as me and that this would probably not go over so well.

If Power Play did get ReRave, I would totally give it another try.  I will admit that it was never really my thing on mobile platforms, but while part of that is due to the musical taste thing mentioned above, part of that is because of how crunched the phone interface feels.  I am assuming that the giant touch screen makes it a completely different game.
on: October 28, 2009, 12:08:35 PM  Top
Started by Gosha, Message by Laura
Relevance: 0.7%
I had actually talked to Tony about asking if they would be interested in our Pop'n Music, but we both agreed the likelihood that they'd want something like that, as opposed to a nice, newer ITG is pretty low - the Pop'n has clearly been around the block, hanging out in Japanese arcades and whatnot.

It's looking more and more like I'm going to PP from about 6-9, so I hope to see some of you there!
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