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on: May 21, 2009, 05:02:12 PM  Top
Started by Gerrak, Message by Laura
Relevance: 33.3%
I'm currently trying to teach myself how to FA 1s and 2s by sitting on the pad and playing pop'n with the arrows. I call it Poppin The Groove
on: May 20, 2009, 04:17:48 PM  Top
Started by Gerrak, Message by Laura
Relevance: 16.6%
If we can't get any better, Friday is DEFINITELY the best option, and I appreciate you trying for that kind of a timeslot and putting the thought into it. I was just suggesting this as another option...

Maybe if we give them a cut of the prize pool they'll consider giving us better scheduling options. :<

I know we can't expect them to do it for free, that's why I'm suggesting that it might be worth it to not do it for free; even a Saturday at 10 AM before they're busy would give some more players a chance to come. Smiley

As a sidenote, as long as I know you and you're clean (as in, your habits... but if I know you, you know about my OCD and therefore what I meant...), all you out of staters are welcome to crash Friday night regardless of what day the tourney is on. Or play Pop'n all night, I don't care Tongue
on: May 20, 2009, 11:35:26 AM  Top
Started by Gerrak, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 11.5%
I think Laura's hit a good point; as well as a handful of our top players leaving/not playing anymore, I can't think of too many people who stayed, kept playing, and don't have health issues.  My knee had me on the verge of quitting permanently, same for her and Kevin with their respective issues.  Rediscovering the fun of playing 6-9s (ITG is woefully lacking in thoughtful 6-8s and most of the 9s are all identical, most of the effort put into the game was from Chris Foy, who almost exclusively worked on Expert 10+'s) has made me want to play more than that obligatory set each time I go to Acme (I was going almost exclusively for pop'n and DM, then bought a pop'n machine around the time DM went in for repair, so I haven't really been back in months).  Going back to almost exclusive Expert play will take me out of the game again.  10's are fine, 11's are fine if not in rapid succession, then after that, it becomes a very stupid thing for me to try (though I probably still will form time to time).  Laura fought her way up to a few 10's awhile ago, but it really does put her on the edge of hospitalization to do so.  Even back in the day, GPF Lith had a bad knee IIRC, but in the early days of Extreme, he was the top player in the nation.

I also don't see what's less "nazi-ish" about ITG's timing system.  Or how fighting for an extra excellent or two over your ITG record is better than fighting for an extra great over your DDR record.  With the great precision comes greater variation in your score, so it's actually a whole lot more frustrating to go up or down 10e than 2g when repeating a song.  And again, the effort that went into ITG was not evenly spread, many hard charts are uninspired and identical, many expert 9's use the same exact patterns, and double mode is a joke (it's fun to pass the crazy charts, but trying to get good scores is a pointless effort) because they handed it off to their least skilled file makers.  It's not to badmouth ITG or anything, they took on a huge task and tackled what they thought people would want them to tackle first.  I played the game a lot for a very long time, but I find that Extreme still holds my interest for a lot longer, and quite a few people in the community seem to agree.
on: May 20, 2009, 12:35:37 AM  Top
Started by Gerrak, Message by BLueSS
Relevance: 9.9%
Acme doesn't have a Guitar Hero room.... it has party rooms which we used at the last tournament there (and played IIDX, Pop'n in there), but since then they've gotten stringy with room rentals.
on: May 19, 2009, 07:12:48 PM  Top
Started by Gerrak, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 8.9%
I'm very interested in any kind of Bemani tournament in Washington to be honest. If you are interested, I could run a Pop'n Music tournament or something of the sorts on the side. I'm actually interested in seeing if we could combine this with a Tetris the GrandMaster tournament on the same day. Bill gave me the go ahead to run one of those, and I think it would be neat to have a "tournament day" of sorts at Acme. Mid July sounds good, but I wouldn't try and decide the date right now until we at least figure out if there's interest.

I'd personally also like to see a Max2 tournament but that's just me. Max2 results in much closer matches and close matches are IMO what makes tournaments awesome. You could always use Cynic's DDREvo tournament formula which mixes up ITG and DDR in matches.

EDIT: You know...I had a really neat idea involving this stuff. Maybe a "tournament day" of sorts at Acme where tournaments are held for multiple games. If any of you know the prominent Blazblue players in the area let's get a hold of them. Having a massive series of tournaments at Acme and running an all-day event would be really neat. I think it could get a massive audience and at the very least generate hype for the event. PM me or AIM me if you wanna talk about it!
on: May 19, 2009, 05:21:23 PM  Top
Started by Gerrak, Message by Suko
Relevance: 8.3%
Man, you have ITG, I have Pop'n, more people have a machine or two... sometimes I think we should all just rent some garage apartment or something, split the 500 bucks a month rent, and have a freeplay arcade that anyone can go to at any time of day. Tongue

lol, that'd be like a private club or a speak-easy? =]

One can always dream. I'm still hoping to get an arcade up here to let me put it in their establishment and split the cash 50/50 with them.
on: May 19, 2009, 05:16:39 PM  Top
Started by Gerrak, Message by Laura
Relevance: 8.1%
40 minutes from Lynnwood?! Granted, I don't know where in Lynnwood you are, but when I lived on 164th I used to be able to get to ACME in 25-30 consistently... of course, that was when I was 18 and a totally reckless driver...  Embarrassed

Man, you have ITG, I have Pop'n, more people have a machine or two... sometimes I think we should all just rent some garage apartment or something, split the 500 bucks a month rent, and have a freeplay arcade that anyone can go to at any time of day. Tongue

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