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on: May 23, 2011, 10:26:48 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 52.6%
I think one important factor to consider in terms of what to put at Acme is that the current ITG crowd is, for the most part, an ITG-exclusive crowd and I don't see too much interest toward other music games coming from the newer players.

For example, DM gets occasional play from a couple of the newer players, but after that, it's played by those of us who have played it for years and the occasional casual player.  With Davyn and Mykl gone and KDDR, Keby, and the other people who used to play set after set not going as often and very little interest to replace the lost play time, DM is sitting there unplayed more often then not, even on the busiest night.  DM (followed by Pop'n) always seemed most likely to draw enough interest to get new regular players, so I'd be inclined to say that, sadly, no other music game is really going to have enough draw to keep it afloat at Acme.

Also, Technika being the exception, GW's crowds are casual players looking to sample everything and Acme's crowds are players dedicated to one or two games only.  A very interesting looking niche game can survive at GW because there will always be a few dozen new people per day who think it looks kind of cool and will try it once or twice.  This also lets them get away with subpar maintenance - only expert players will notice (or care that much about) the machine giving errors, and pleasing those few expert players represents very little revenue against the cost of proper maintenance given how quickly a machine will degrade when played constantly by GW-sized crowds of players.

GW having everything was always a bit of a draw, but I haven't played any Taiko in my last half dozen visits because the line is 6+ sets long (entirely casual players, I don't think Taiko would do that well at Acme), I avoid DM because Acme has V3 and the GW machine isn't in the greatest condition, I avoid Pop'n because there's usually one dead or impossibly sticky button, I avoid Technika because of the line, and ultimately, I wind up playing a few sets of X2 before getting bored and leaving (I'd play some Extreme, but it's in terrible condition more often than not) - X2 is fun, but I get bored playing only one game over and over.
on: May 22, 2011, 07:54:43 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Laura
Relevance: 52.5%
I actually kinda agree with Kevin about variety, although it sucks because I know that there's not much you can do about that if the games aren't earning enough at ACME.  When I do go to Gameworks, it's less to play one thing and more because there are lots of things I kind of like, though: Taiko, Pop'n, Technika 2, X2 (when it was working) all in one place is a big draw for me simply because they're all there.

I hadn't thought about the unlock system with regard to Jubeat; that's a good point. 

I would love to see Pop'n back at ACME, but I'm sure there's a reason it left in the first place, so yeah.

Maybe you could move the Narrows DanceManiax out that way and see how it does?  I always gave that game a go or two whenever I was at Narrows.
on: May 22, 2011, 07:05:53 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 52.5%
Maximum Tune 4 when it comes out would be great, but I'm sure you've already heard that. While I would like to see Technika 2 (as it's incredibly crowded at GW), I do sort of agree that maintenance could be a little bit of a pain at Acme. A Drummania upgrade seems unlikely to pay itself off (although the new hardware is more reliable than the V3 hardware, and the kits for V4-V7 are starting to fall in price in addition to being fully unlockable without e-amuse), and IIDX has already proven itself to not work. Jubeat is incredibly crippled when run without E-Amuse, so I don't feel that that's worth the cost of importing a machine. Have you thought about getting DDR X2? The brand new cabinet at Gameworks is already unplayable on both sides, and the game is much better when run as an upgrade on the older cabinets. I don't know if it's possible to get a Japanese upgrade kit, so I'm just throwing that out there. Maybe I'll think of something else later too.

Ultimately, I think the reason why Gameworks is getting a lot of music game traffic lately is simply that they have everything in one place. Their Pop'n cabinet sucks, but it's at least there and people like that. Their GFDM cabinets are super outdated and only in decent condition, but they're still convenient and playable while waiting in line for Technika 2. I know non profitable games take up space that could be better used, but that does seem to be one of the issues at Acme now...if you're waiting for ITG, there's just not a whole lot of other things to do. It's nice to have a little variety. Does anyone play Pop'n at Narrows at all? I don't have any evidence to back my thoughts up, but I would imagine that it would do better at an arcade that Bemani players are coming to anyway, like Acme.
on: September 14, 2010, 10:41:41 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Magister
Relevance: 47.4%
So I went down to Southcenter a couple times recently, noticed that Pop'n Carnival is gone. Is it in a different location, or...? I'd just go to Gameworks, but generally they don't seem to care too much about bemani games, and broken buttons/pads/drumskins are a real turnoff.
on: July 16, 2010, 08:30:49 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 46.6%
ITG works great. Pop'n is also pretty good. Drummania has a really weak cymbal and the bass pedal is kind of clunky. That's my status report for today.

Actually, there's one other thing that kind of bothered me. The Maximum Tune cabinet second from the right absolutely ruined my card with data accumulated over $300 worth of playing on it. Luckily it still works, but the printer in the machine just threw down a big ol' smudge of ink right over the whole space where the play data is printed on the card making it completely illegible. Additionally, the machine lagged out and was unresponsive about halfway through my race. It then recovered, upon which I found my card in that condition. I then tried it in the cabinet second on the left, which didn't freeze but still left a kind of nasty smudge all over my card. Oh well, at least it works. It's due to expire again in about 15 games so I'll just transfer my data over to a new card. Still, I can imagine people getting really pissed about that sort of thing. I noticed that over on the Wangan Expressway forums, Acme's machines are listed as "in bad conditions". It's a shame to see the nearest machines to me in this state, especially when they're at Acme! Anyway, I'm sure the only reason they're not perfect is because some stupid MaxTune players never report anything ever.
on: July 08, 2010, 05:43:11 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by manyminimoos
Relevance: 46.4%
Bill, please than your maintenance team for us Cheesy  You too, of course Wink

Was there a resolution on the broken pop'n button?  I haven't gone there since putting in that call so I was just curious Smiley
on: June 21, 2010, 09:49:22 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 45.9%
Alright! A good night at Acme!

Machine Statuses:
ITG: Perfect.
DDR: The volume is way too quiet on this. I could hardly hear it! Sad
Pop'n: The second left most button ("2") was sticking pretty hardcore. Other than that it was alright.
Drummania: Works great! The bass pedal is still really really loud and clunky though. I'm pretty sure that can be fixed with something as simple as a little strip of foam.

Good times at Acme! Yeah!
on: June 14, 2010, 07:50:52 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Suko
Relevance: 45.8%
Yeah, my Pop'n pals told me the same thing about the machine. It's got some sticky buttons.

Also, this was the first time I've been able to go to Acme in ages. I was rather disappointed in the volume of SN2. I'm probably the only person who plays it, but I couldn't hear anything at all when ITG was on. I expect it to be slightly difficult to hear, but it was nearly unplayable. Also, there wasn't a whole lot of other activity in the arcade at that time, so I can't blame it on the typical Saturday night noise blitz. I think that boosting the volume a notch or two would do it well.
on: June 13, 2010, 01:03:57 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by manyminimoos
Relevance: 45.8%

I keep meaning to call your support line but I keep forgetting, so I'll post it here for now.  On pop'n music, about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I think someone may have spilled a drink on it.  The leftmost 3 buttons stick intermittently mechanically.
on: December 20, 2009, 03:09:50 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Keby
Relevance: 40.6%
Let's see.

ITG3 - check
GFDM V3 - Check
Pop'n - Check
BlazBlue - Check

....yup. Looks fine to me.
on: December 19, 2009, 06:10:17 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Laura
Relevance: 40.6%
Ugh, Bill, I feel your pain. Monitor problems suck.

Oh, also! We were there last night, and one of the buttons on pop'n was stuck so far down that we couldn't play it. It was the blue replacement button on the bottom row. Smiley

on: November 01, 2009, 05:37:14 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Laura
Relevance: 39.5%
Bill: I was just at ACME and I've got a couple of updates for you. The bottom right button on Pop'n just flat out doesn't work - you press it and nothing happens. Also, I think the sound on ITG might be too loud because the speaker is starting to sound really tinny. Worried it's destroying itself.

Drummania/Guitarfreaks were great though, as was ITG other than the concern for the speaker. Cheesy
on: July 25, 2009, 05:50:08 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 38.1%
Bill, just a small issue I noticed today. It looks like when we did the TGM repair the JAMMA cable might not have been seated quite correctly. The monitor is bleeding colors and stuff quite badly, and to me it looks like some JAMMA connector not being fully plugged in. I doubt the monitor would go from fine to as bad as it is overnight. I didn't want to phone it in because it's still playable, it just looks kinda funky.

ITG, DDRSN, Max2, Pop'n, and GFDM were all working fine. Thanks for everything. Cheesy
on: June 15, 2009, 08:05:09 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Davyn
Relevance: 37%
is there any way the pop'n music can be moved a bit further away from dragon punch? its kind of hard to enjoy the game when some random moron comes up and tries to prove his manliness by hitting a bag several times during my song. even switching it with soul calibur 3 would be nice.

the machine worked excellently though and the volume was awesome.
on: May 11, 2009, 07:42:18 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 35.8%
Yeah Bill, the PS2 based systekms are, reliabilitywise, a huge pile of crap. There's a reason Konami cut them for V4; they're just really unreliable. The good thing is that, as you probably found out, spare parts for the V3 hardware are pretty easy to come by.

I played on the GF V3 at Acme on Saturday. It was great! The volume could do with a little turning up, but everything worked well. There's a bunch of static and crackling on the machine, but I'm not sure how much can be done about that.

TGM also works great as usual, thanks. Looks like those SakuraCon problems haven't returned.

Pop'n had an "out of order" sticker on it but I'm sure that's been called in by now.
on: April 14, 2009, 03:09:12 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by ChilliumBromide
Relevance: 35.5%
I finally had a chance to check out some of these machines, and for the most part, they exceeded my expectations thoroughly.  Particularly on the Tetris and Pop'n machines, the pushbuttons were incredibly responsive--so much so that it took quite a bit of time to adjust to the fact that they'd trigger if I put any weight on them at all, whereas the machines at Ground Kontrol here in Portland need to have the buttons fully depressed in order to respond.

I wasn't particularly impressed by the sensitivity of the DDR Extreme (dropped a few hands while I was freestyling, a couple holds, and one or two taps on the P1 down arrow), but I certainly am not about to complain, since I can't do hands without punching the pads full force at GK and holds are almost impossible to maintain without rolling at Tilt!.  The SuperNOVA was pretty sensitive, but I didn't spend a lot of time on it because the volume was set too low all day Saturday.

Anyway, these excellent machines really made a huge difference at Sakuracon.  Because of them, I feel like I actually got something pretty close to my moneys' worth out of it all.  Thanks Bill and everyone who helps keep this fine bastion of excellent arcade gaming alive.
on: March 24, 2009, 10:08:38 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by BLueSS
Relevance: 35.2%
need help? Play Max 2 instead. Tongue  It'll help with your enjoyment for real dance games. Wink

Anyway, DM10 was BAD. Cymbal was the worst, not registering any hits on the lower half of the pad, and hi-hat was 50-50... and the red tom seemed a little iffy in spots.

Pop'n was good, but there is a LOUD high-pitched noise coming from that area. It seemed to be coming from pop'n, but couldn't tell.

Max 2 was amazing. Pads were the best I've played on in a long time. Perfect Perfect Perfect!

Tetris - Played it for the first time... there's some weird Sakura puzzle mode that I couldn't figure out, and stopped playing after that. Maybe Kevin can give some insight.

ALSO: signs have been placed on all the music games.
@Bill: I tried to place them in non-annoying spots.
@Everyone else: Let me know if you guys don't see them when you go, so new ones can go up.  I can upload the quick signs I made today if people want to place them elsewhere. Smiley
on: February 12, 2009, 12:58:04 AM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Gosha
Relevance: 34.6%
According to there site...

They have DJ Troopers.

  • DDR SuperNOVA 2
  • DDR Extreme
  • DDR 5th Mix
  • In The Groove 2
  • beatmania IIDX 15 - DJ Troopers
  • beatmania THE FINAL
  • Pop'n Music 16 - Party
  • Pop'n Music 14 - FEVER
  • DrumMania V5
  • GuitarFreaks V5
  • DrumMania V3
  • Pump It Up New Xenesis 2
  • DanceManiax 2nd Mix J-Append
  • Para Para Paradise 2nd Mix
  • Taiko no Tatsujin 10
  • Shamisen Brothers
on: December 20, 2008, 12:16:11 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by thechibiknight
Relevance: 34.1%
I went there a week or two ago...  Playing BlazBlue was pretty cool, Max2 was in ok condition, ITG2 was ok, and SN2 was fine--though it was cool to see a Pop'n Music...
Decent arcade may visit again.
on: November 28, 2008, 07:17:26 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 33.9%
I went to Acme today. The hihat on DM is much better, thanks Bill! Any idea still on when the Sanwas will arrive? It's taken surprisingly long...hopefully Akihabara Shop is not up to their old tricks of taking foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvver to ship stuff.

Tada, Matsuura, some other guy who I know from playing Pop'n a lot, and myself were playing some nonstop TGM. The coin slot is indeed working again; that right stick is still really sketchy though. It's pretty dead.

Max2's pads were great.
on: November 22, 2008, 08:10:40 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 33.8%
Well, I went to Acme on Friday for the meeting. It was great, and everyone had a good time and played some ridiculously good games of TGM. Hopefully the income this week will be a little better.  Grin We had about 7 or 8 players playing in a line continuously from something like 5pm until 11pm or maybe even later.

Pop'n was working very well. DM's hihat is dead again, but I don't know what can even be done about that. All DDR/ITG cabinets had really good pads as usual. The left coinslot on TGM3 is jammed. GF probably works, I didn't check though.

The players at the meeting came to the conclusion that TGM3 would probably do quite a bit better if it was swapped around with the photo booth thing that it is back to back with. The photo booth will still stick out even if it is behind TGM, and I think it would allow people to be amazed by TGM in the same way that DDR attracts people by letting them watch good players.
on: October 18, 2008, 07:41:26 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 33.5%
I went to Acme tonight, and it was great! Far better than Gameworks, for sure.

ITG was eating coins when I left, but my phone died so I couldn't call the service line. The pads worked well before that, though, and the volume was good enough. The machine was rebooted, but it didn't help. Coin jam!

DM hi-hat is "good enough" again, but as plzhelpme said I don't think it's really possible for it to work any better. I didn't notice any severe problems. Thanks!

Pop'n was in perfect condition as far as I could tell.

GF buttons are still a little stiff, but the popping sounds and screen distortion seem to have been fixed. Woohoo! I set some new records on that tonight.

Max2's monitor is turning purple, but the pads are excellent (no pad misses at all).

Supernova, I didn't play it.

So that's my report. Good stuff! I'll be sure to come back next week, heh.
on: October 02, 2008, 05:51:48 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Kitaru
Relevance: 33.3%
Do I get to vote?

I'd say Tetris, most definitely. I play just about every main Bemani game, -- DDR, IIDX, GFDM, Pop'n, and any others I happen to come by -- but I only have a sort of passing interest in Jubeat. I don't know how it is for everyone else, but something bothers me about the execution of these "touch the circles" games. I kind of liked Technic Beat and Ouendan/EBA, but I'm not sure I'd go to an arcade to play something like that. DJMAX Technica looks like it has the most appealing layout, and I think I might like to try that. Still, I think my focus is likely to stick with other music games at the moment.

I want to try to convince the operator of the student union arcade at my college to pick up one of the Tetris The Grand Master games at some point. I'd play any of the three if there were a machine near me. If it was TGM1, I'd play whenever I was near the student union. (Tuesdays/Thursdays before bowling, that would be great, haha.) If it was TGM2+, I'd be taking trips to the student union regularly. If it was TGM3, you wouldn't be able to get me to leave, haha.
on: September 30, 2008, 10:17:07 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 33.2%

As of Sunday, the DM hihat was completely broken. I'm not sure what happened there. Either way, the problem is far worse than it was originally. Pop'n is in much better condition though.


PS: Have you ever thought about getting Tetris The Grand Master 3 or any of the games in that series? Just curious. Cheesy
on: September 26, 2008, 07:51:17 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 33.1%
I called in problems with DM and Pop'n. Buttons are sticky on Pop'n, and the hi-hat on DM is once again messed up.

Buttons on 2P GF controller are really really stiff, but I assume that's just because the microswitches were replaced or something.

I didn't play any Max2 or ITG or SN since I'm still recovering from pneumonia, but they looked to all be in good condition. Cheesy
on: August 06, 2008, 04:32:01 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by Gorrum
Relevance: 32.5%
Going to be at Acme this Saturday is anyone wants to meet up. Gonna be around Pop'n most of the time.
on: July 30, 2008, 06:06:44 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 32.4%
Double post time!

Just got back from Acme, and I noticed two minor issues. Both are probably not things that are ultra important to fix, but I thought I'd post about them since I didn't want to clog up the service line with these minor problems.

Drummania's hihat is indeed fixed, fast hits now register perfectly. The new problem is that it isn't screwed in correctly, so the right side of the hihat wiggles about and doesn't register notes. The sensor is obviously fine, so I'd advise checking that out. I'm just worried that leaving it semi-exposed might result in sensor damage or wiring problems in the near future.

Pop'n Music has a sticky right blue button. I tried the "credit card down the side of the button" trick to no avail, so that could be a microswitch or whatever.

GF worked great, along with ITG and Pump. Didn't play DDR because I didn't have much time. Thanks for your constant efforts, Bill! It is cool to see someone who cares about the players.
on: April 14, 2008, 07:02:57 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 31.3%
One question...what microswitches are you using in the Pop'n machine at Acme? They feel really good, and I'm wondering what kind they are so I can purchase some for my home controller.
on: February 21, 2008, 02:21:37 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 30.4%
lol i've been gone too long


- Don't go to Acme if you want to play Pop'n.
- Don't go to Gameworks if you want to actually play more than one set per hour.
- Don't go to Narrows AT ALL because if you're gonna support Bill, Acme is the place that needs it.

That's basically all that's changed since you've been gone.

Also, I'd like to let everyone know that I'm basically physically unable to go to arcades at the moment. I'm not in stable enough health to even consider doing so, and won't be for another couple of months. q_q
on: February 21, 2008, 06:28:14 PM  Top
Started by BLueSS, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 30.4%
I hope my post hasn't been too misinterpreted; no mean to insult Bill or anything!  Embarrassed

I just meant that Pop'n at Acme seems to have sticky buttons fairly often. It's probably just something to do with the old cabinet.

Also, I don't have anything against Acme at all; it's still the arcade I go to at the moment. It's actually my favorite place because I can get some dancing game action in there and also play Pop'n Music and other games if I feel like it (although at the moment, I can't play dancing games at all). It's just that if one specifically wanted to play Pop'n, I was merely pointing out that it's cheaper to play at GW and also that the GW machine is generally in better condition.

I could go on all day about how Gameworks is horrible compared to Bill's arcades, though. I'm just not doing it because I'm sure people don't want to see a text-wall of my complaints about GW.

Bill's done a great service for all of us throughout the years and I don't want to see his arcades run into any trouble. I've been to the arcade on Friday nights and it's been entirely dead. It seems like the DDR players have moved to GW to play Supernova, and that the PNWBemani crew has kind of vanished. Maybe it's a sign that the scene here is dying; I'm not sure. :/

Bill, sorry if I offended you in any way. I wasn't trying at all to insult your fine arcades. I still go to them all the time, and I think others should as well. I'm really pleased to see that you're still supporting the music game community with machine upgrades and repairs.
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