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on: November 24, 2008, 11:57:03 AM  Top
Started by Gosha, Message by Gosha
Relevance: 27.8%
I put a claim in for Acme as well.  I wasn't able to add in Pop'n Music 13 or GF 11 though.  Oh well.
on: November 24, 2008, 09:57:00 PM  Top
Started by Gosha, Message by Dyogenez
Relevance: 39.7%
Thanks for giving it a try guys! The site is just getting started, so still a long ways to go -- namely in the support from around the world part. If you have any suggestions or come across any problems though, I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for signing up! Looks like there was an issue with pop'n 13 and gf11, but those should be fixed now. Think somehow they were added as "Pop 'n" instead of "Pop'n".

Things aren't the most straightforward right now, but it is possible for any number of people to edit a location. I really need to rework it to be more apparent, but anyone can claim an arcade and start editing it (upon approval). Even if an arcade is claimed, you can still claim it and edit it too. Administrators (well, that's just me at the moment) decide if the location needs another editor and to make sure that it wasn't claimed by an arcade owner (who would want to edit it themselves). Also it helps prevent someone from going through and deleting/removing games from lots of arcades at once which is always a fear of mine. I approve claims a few times a day, so never takes too long anyways. Smiley

We're also looking for some regional administrators as well -- basically people that can edit any arcade within a range of an address, and given the ability to decide who else can edit individual arcades in that area. That's how it'll work eventually, but I'm still getting there.

If you guys have any suggestions on how something like ArcadeFly could be better, I'd love to hear them. After using the old DDR Freak location and my (long dead) list it's fun to see something happening in the arcade list department.
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