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on: April 15, 2010, 10:31:25 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by Keby
Relevance: 65.8%
We're going to fix ITG3 and Rebirth when we get the time,

as it's been stated before ITG 1 & 2 will not be touched, but stuff like 30 minutes harder needs to be fixed. Same with the song Who. Who is practically on the off beat, it's ridiculous.
This probably happened because the person synced it to their keyboard, not the pads.
it's easy to fix, we just need a keyboard and the awesomeness of F7, F8, F11, and F12
on: April 14, 2010, 10:20:21 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by Laura
Relevance: 63.9%
You can be like blake and quad star everything after resynching it, but is that really being good at the game?

No, it's not.

(it's rhetorical)

Oh, shit.


Nah, I'm just playing. Wink In all seriousness, though, I can't stress this enough. I'd be really really good at dance games if everybody played on 1x solo, all the songs were synced dead on, and there was nothing harder than an 8 or faster than 160 BPM. I might even place in tournaments. Nobody in their right mind would call me a good player if I managed to place in a tournament now because it was, say, on 5th mix and I got some lucky randoms.

Being good means being good at everything. (Similarly, this is why I allow selection of easy songs in all of my tournaments. I don't care if you can quad Summer on Expert; if you suck at timing Hip Hop Jam on Hard, you aren't that good at ITG.)

That said, leaving songs off-sync IS unprofessional, and while I know that Konami and RoXor both did it, I've always thought that it was a huge failing on their part. I really want to make sure that everything on the machine is synced roughly the same just so that our machine doesn't look completely hackish (I know that it IS, but we should strive to make it SEEM kind of legit.) I understand that sync varies from machine to machine, and that doesn't bother me - I'm just saying that having some songs that are way early or way late, to a noticeable degree, makes us seem kind of sucky as a community!

Edit: I missed where syncing things on 1 + 2 was mentioned. I think the originals are fine as they are. Stuff on 3 and Rebirth should be adjusted if it's egregiously off, though, since they are charts that we hacked onto the machine and the sync could have been messed up somewhere in that process.
on: April 13, 2010, 08:41:53 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by Gerrak
Relevance: 60.2%
Also I vote on not adjusting anything on 1/2/3/rebirth songs.  What little purist left in me (lol 3/rebirth) speaks
     I vote we do correct blatant offsync songs on 3 and rebirth. Considering the song I got knocked out on the last ITG tournament was a hideously offsync "Who". IMO no song should be at all offsync lest we advantage the visual players over more audio players, but while this is not possible/feasible on many songs, we can certainly correct ones that are really bad to the point of not being fun anymore and purely played for score based on one's ability to read the notes and tune out the music (which only occur on 3 and rebirth charts because 1 and 2 were fairly well tested). And the artists certainly didn't intend their works to be this way I'm sure, nor do the offsync charts probably occur where the songs are available elsewhere. Them being offsync is probably just a product of how they were distributed across the internet without being double checked for correct syncing to the machine and not, say, a person's computer.
on: April 12, 2010, 01:33:14 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by Suko
Relevance: 50.1%
Less Than Three does always lag, I'm really not sure why but it's independent of whether the machines been restarted recently or whatever. I've played it several times and its the same thing every time.
Tom and I have been experimenting with videos on our machine. Generally, 400 x 300 res is all you need for BG videos on a standard ITG monitor. I had a stepchart that was lagging ours out (the video file was originally at DVD quality), but once I resized it to 400 x 300 it ran smooth and great. Not to mention it still looked nice. I suggest getting Virtual Dub and just resizing any videos that're giving you trouble.
on: April 05, 2010, 05:28:12 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 28.6%
We have quite a bit of hacked content on the machine now and will likely have more in the future.  The truth is that there are issues right now (and will be issues in the future) with sync, ratings, and even the chart itself.  Rather than clog the main Acme thread with that stuff, we should just pile it up in a dedicated location, so here we go.

Please report any issues you see with the added content on ITG machine at Acme in this thread and only this thread.
  • For syncing issues, telling us if a song is early/late could be helpful, though we can probably figure it out
  • For ratings, explaining what the new rating should be is necessary, justifying your claim will be helpful for figuring out what we change the rating to.
  • For chart issues (steps that don't follow the rhythm, blatantly impossible patterns, etc.), identify the song and difficulty with as much information as possible to help us find

This is not the place to claim that song/chart x sucks or that the machine should be 4 songs for 25 cents.

Also, at current, I don't know how it will take for any fixes to actually be applied to the machine.
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