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on: August 04, 2012, 05:05:04 PM  Top
Started by KevinDDR, Message by Rolla
Relevance: 69.3%
Went here a few weeks ago, both machines are gone.  No ITG or PIU.
on: January 28, 2011, 11:15:18 AM  Top
Started by KevinDDR, Message by Rolla
Relevance: 58.2%
Checked out their arcade today.

$1.00 / 3 songs (4 if you get the final, not easy given the pad quality)
Sound Volume: Pathetic, could barely hear it most of the time
Machine Condition: Broken speaker neons, tv screen faded but still usable
P1: Front & Right are pretty bad (MUST STOMP), Left & Rear miss a few times per song.
P2: untested

Pump it Up
Didn't really look at the machine much, front area near the coin collector is smashed to bits (literally wires hanging out).  Sitting right next to the ITG2 machine and has volume set insanely loud.

So, sounds like nothing much has changed since the last update.

Side Note:  Our database shows
Tilt operating a DDRMax2 machine at Supermall Regal Cinemas 17...
Tilt does not own that machine from what I'm told, it is run by the cinema. (and it's still a POS)
on: May 27, 2010, 09:57:58 AM  Top
Started by KevinDDR, Message by Field
Relevance: 53.7%
Just an update if anyone is interested.  The ITG machine is not good, but it looks like no one ever plays it (90% of the expert songs haven't been passed), so I can see why they don't pay much attention to it.  The P1 pad is usable (I'd give it a 6/10), and the P2 side is useless.  I mentioned the pads to the guy working, so maybe they'll clean them out.

I don't know about the Pump machine, I've never played and I didn't even try it, but I'm sure its in similar condition.

If the pads are fixed, It would be great to not have to go all the way out to acme to play.  (I live less than a mile from the supermall)
on: December 15, 2009, 03:56:41 PM  Top
Started by KevinDDR, Message by Triplezero
Relevance: 47.9%
The old manager really let the dance games fall apart.  I started working there as manager last month and the first thing I did was take the pump pad apart and put it back together.  That thing was terrible!  It works great now.  I've spent some time on the ITG2 as well.  The pad as far as I know now is working great and I finally got the usb drives working again.  I had to replace the usb hub and I tried to test it with my usb drive, but it doesn't like mine very much because of U3.  It seems to work though.  If any of you guys stop by and have any problems, just ask for the manager and if I'm there I'll try to help with whatever I can.
on: December 15, 2009, 05:26:22 PM  Top
Started by KevinDDR, Message by KevinDDR
Relevance: 47.9%
I'm in this area reasonably frequently...any chance you think they could get some updates? Would you be up for having the ITG2 updated to ITG3? I can do that for free, any time.
on: December 15, 2009, 08:40:51 PM  Top
Started by KevinDDR, Message by Triplezero
Relevance: 47.9%
Right now the ITG machine is set to 4 songs for $1 and the Pump machine is on the default 3 songs for $1.  As for the update, if it's free than might as well.  I normally work every morning except sundays.  Just let me know when you're going to be around and we could work something out.
on: August 21, 2008, 07:51:54 PM  Top
Started by KevinDDR, Message by Happy Redneck
Relevance: 38.7%
ok so i checked this place out before i went to acme. ITG2 IS NOT A DEDICAB its a ddr machine with the game in it. the screen is dark as fuck so you can barely see shit. 2p side seems alright and dont know about the 1p side. and its $1.00. BASICALLY this machine sucks

pump nx sucks too. they really need to fix the pads. lots of loose metal and one of the leg things needs to be fixed on the 1p side so it touches the ground. i tested the 2p side, pad is alright i guess but the bar is really fucked up

whats good about this arcade is that theres a good variety of fighting games. such as tekken 4 and 5, capcom vs snk 1 and 2, svc chaos, and king of fighters xi. also theres a bunch of old ghetto racing games if you like those
on: February 13, 2007, 10:39:21 PM  Top
Started by KevinDDR, Message by Tyrgannus
Relevance: 6%
Quote from: "KevinDDR"

Nah, it's just like a constant ITG mod.   =P

If people can do Doubles Flip, people can do that.
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