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on: August 31, 2011, 09:31:53 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by Tricksy
Relevance: 71.4%
I think the solution to all of this is fairly obvious.  We just need to set the polling rate and JWA to the rate that's set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Oh wait.


Honestly, it's not like the machine was "correct" before the new computer or will be "correct" afterward.  Are the scores within reasonable bounds of the TONS of different machines that exist out there?  Is the machine still enjoyable to play?

If someone has some specific polling rate or JWA to make a solid argument for, do that.  But Tony is the only one making logical (and thorough) arguments for the choices that he's making to maintain the machine.  I think he's doing a fantastic job with all of his research and efforts; and while the machine might be a little different, change is not necessarily a bad thing.
on: August 30, 2011, 11:31:45 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by tadAAA
Relevance: 70.8%
Because my DDR/ITG skills have been so stagnant over the past three months.
on: August 19, 2011, 09:27:15 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 62.1%
Profile keys are on the new computer, Mute/Zim have been updated to reflect the songs posted so far (note to sfxazure: Zim 4 - In and Out Of Love does not seem to exist).

Remaining work:
- Keep trimming Mute/Zim as people post about them.
- ITG3 Chromatic (about 30% done)
- Boot sequence (about 50% done)
- Fixing scores (have not started, but it shouldn't be too much work)
on: August 17, 2011, 09:53:33 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by BLueSS
Relevance: 61.4%
We did have a thread for song requests...
on: August 15, 2011, 09:55:00 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 59.9%
After talking to vyhd, I've figured out why I'm missing the profile signature keys and will be getting them off the Acme machine next time I'm there.

The remaining work on the new computer is:
- Profile keys
- Edit the boot sequence to make ITG load by default.
- Trim Mute / Zim packs, add Gerrak's pack.
- Finishing the ITG3 / Chromatic hybrid theme (the skin will be almost unchanged, but we'll have a few minor ITG3 / OpenITG modifiers and some very important OpenITG features that are missing from the operator menu).
- Live testing at Acme.
- Code up something which can edit the machine stats so that scores for songs which are being moved around will be maintained (this includes merging the two high score lists for duplicates).  If I code something to do it, I don't have to do it by hand, which means I can do it at Acme and we do not lose any scores - if I do it by hand, the fixed copy will be a few days old and we'll lose a few days worth of scores.

If everything lines up perfectly and I'm not particularly busy this week, the new computer could be ready by this weekend, but I'm not counting on it.  That said, I'm looking to run a test session next weekend (27th-28th) instead.  I know PAX is that weekend, but I don't believe everyone here is going, plus I really only need 2-4 people to help me test, and having too many will make it hard to coordinate everything, since I made need to interrupt people or tell them specific things to play.  I won't turn away anyone who shows up to help, but if you have other things to do (like being at PAX), you don't need to go out of your way to show up that day.

The tentative plan is for me to get there before 11am (probably around 10am, but we'll see what happens) on Saturday (the 27th) to set up, and anyone who wants to help test things should show up at 11am (I need time for setup and to do the final work to get USB drives working through the hub).  Around 1pm, I'll decide whether the computer should be considered stable or not and swap the old computer back in if necessary.  If there are serious problems, I will try to fix them that day and run a second test session Sunday morning.

Once I'm sure the computer will be ready for the 27th, I'll start a separate thread on the events board.

I have Bill's permission to put the machine on freeplay during computer test sessions.
on: August 06, 2011, 09:22:37 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 56.7%
Alright, here are the Mute and Zim listings:


(This pack is stuff I've already decided to keep for one reason or another)
/custdata/itgdata/Songs/Mute Sims:
Fly Like A Butterfly
Light Emitting Diode M
Love Fighter
Shades of Blue
The Concept of Love (Remix)
Yo Creo Que Si

/custdata/itgdata/Songs/Mute Sims 1:
Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
Cartape Memo
Cosmic Unconsciousness
Flow (Unique's Direction Edit)
Hip Hop A Lula
I Love Love You
Super Lovely
Talk! Talk!
Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss

/custdata/itgdata/Songs/Mute Sims 2:
Angel Eyes
Day 'N Nite
Drop The Dodongo
Kind Lady (Future Trance Mix)
Kitty Cat Dance
Love Is In Danger
Melonball Bounce
Smoky Quartz
The Son and the Star

/custdata/itgdata/Songs/Mute Sims 3:
Akumajo Dracula Medley
As The Rush Comes (Dynaglide Edit)
Beach Blast
Beat U Down
Electronics (Mutable Circuit Mix)
Level Theme
Ninja Lad
Red Hot Skull...for Red Mountain
Tesla Coil
Who You Evidently Thought Was Me

/custdata/itgdata/Songs/Mute Sims 4:
Air Nad Adrian
Almost There
Dual Strikers
Guilty Gear Medley
Hard To Start
I'm Always Here
Last Burning
Outlaw Reborn
Rainbow Tylenol
Rise'n Beauty
Super Strike
Together We Will Conquer
With Me

/custdata/itgdata/Songs/The Legend of Zim 1:
(ZIM) - 3y3s
(ZIM) - Blitz Off!!
(ZIM) - Breakneck Bombing Run (MGD rmx)
(ZIM) - Deathkenkai
(ZIM) - Drop
(ZIM) - Frictional Nevada
(ZIM) - Fun Fun Pharaoh
(ZIM) - Holiday Rap v2
(ZIM) - If Trees Could Speak
(ZIM) - Infect You
(ZIM) - Kujeellinen Enkeli
(ZIM) - Lunar Civilization
(ZIM) - Midnight Dragon
(ZIM) - Mind Mapping
(ZIM) - Programmed World
(ZIM) - Ran
(ZIM) - Rocket Punch!!
(ZIM) - Sunday
(ZIM) - THE SHINING POLARIS (kors k mix)
(ZIM) - This Night
(ZIM) - Tonight v2
(ZIM) - Ubertreffen
(ZIM) - Witches Hat
(ZIM) - Young Man

/custdata/itgdata/Songs/The Legend of Zim 2:
(ZIM) - Ayu's Theme
(ZIM) - Bald Samurai
(ZIM) - Better Off Alone (Beeeees! Mix)
(ZIM) - Breathing You In
(ZIM) - Busindre Reels
(ZIM) - chiptek
(ZIM) - Eastern Jam
(ZIM) - El Telefono
(ZIM) - endya1
(ZIM) - endya2
(ZIM) - Escape
(ZIM) - evergreen
(ZIM) - Faraway Story
(ZIM) - Fighting for Freedom
(ZIM) - Gee
(ZIM) - HiszÇkeny
(ZIM) - How Many Sukkas
(ZIM) - Level 1-1
(ZIM) - Loving U
(ZIM) - Navras
(ZIM) - Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
(ZIM) - Sarah
(ZIM) - Secrets
(ZIM) - Shock Out (for Gloves!)
(ZIM) - Shounan Zoku -Cannibal Coast-
(ZIM) - Son Of Sun
(ZIM) - Strip Mine
(ZIM) - Summer Time
(ZIM) - Tank! (Eurobeat Mix)
(ZIM) - The Feast Lasts Forever
(ZIM) - Turii -Panta Rhei-
(ZIM) - Victoria's Secret
(ZIM) - ViennaCore
(ZIM vs. Death4Te!) - Ernst
(ZIM vs. Mootz) - Ah Shwe Bah
(ZIM) - Wires and Pins

/custdata/itgdata/Songs/The Legend of Zim 3:
(ZIM) - Ants
(ZIM) - BAD BOY BASS!! (dj Remo-con MIX)
(ZIM) - Baggy Bottom Boys
(ZIM) - Blame
(ZIM) - Brave King Gao Gai Gar -Mythical Version-
(ZIM) - Criss Cross
(ZIM) - Double the Dragon
(ZIM) - Empire State Glory
(ZIM) - Fabric
(ZIM) - Fiddle 2003
(ZIM) - fuurin
(ZIM) - Gangster Drive 191
(ZIM) - Husikam Rave Dojo
(ZIM) - In de Dans Ha
(ZIM) - In The Ruins
(ZIM) - Jig
(ZIM) - journey of a kite
(ZIM) - Livin The Dream
(ZIM) - Love Letter (Ajapai Remix)
(ZIM) - Musou Ota
(ZIM) - Only My Railgun
(ZIM) - Prelude
(ZIM) - Presto
(ZIM) - Psydrums
(ZIM) - quell -the seventh slave-
(ZIM) - Rainbow Road
(ZIM) - Real Over Drive
(ZIM) - Remedy
(ZIM) - Rock Ya Hardcore
(ZIM) - Squid VS Pantyhose
(ZIM) - Summer Vacation (Bounce-Connected Style)
(ZIM) - Take U To Da Movies
(ZIM) - The 7 Wonderz (JAKAZiD Remix)
(ZIM) - Yang Gui Fei

/custdata/itgdata/Songs/The Legend of Zim 4:
Alejandro (Skrillex Remix)
Almsty's OP
Bad Maniacs
Bruk Out (Buraka Som Sistema Mix)
Cansei de S NIK
Dances with Snow Fairies
Future Invasion
Go Reimu!!
Harmony and Lovely
Harmony and Lovely -contemporary chamber mix-
Hey Sexy Lady (Skrillex Remix)
Hybrid Landscape
In The Night (The Real Booty Babes Mix)
Light Shine
One Time (NEMO Remix)
Papi (Dubmood Remix)
Play back hate you
Printer Jam (Barbarix Remix)
Red Planet Redux
Run Around (Udachi Remix)
Run Away
Saikyou OX Keikaku
Sexplosion (DJ Marcin Remix)
Space Time
Stardust Ocean
TENDER KISS (175BPM Dance Mix)
The Dirty of Loudness
Throwing Fire
Time to Oil Up
$$ Troopers
true my heart
Trust Me
Unicorn tail
XYZ ''Euro remix''
Yuuyake ~Fading Day~

I think we could we could use a tag for a collapsible text area about now.

I spent a bunch of time yesterday hunting down duplicates (exact duplicates) in Customs 1/2 and the tournament packs.
on: July 25, 2011, 04:35:17 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by tadAAA
Relevance: 44%
I'm not sure whether this is an OpenITG issue or a general ITG issue, but it wouldn't let me take a screenshot the last time I went to Acme on the third song of a set (was able to take screenshots after the first two songs).  I had 123 screenshots taken when this happened, which doesn't seem like any sort of logical limit.  Also, only about 1% of my USB's storage space has been used, so I definitely had free space.  I was able to take screenshots once again when I transferred them all to my laptop, though.
on: July 22, 2011, 11:06:15 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 42.9%
I did some informal performance testing last night after that post - we're not running under exact arcade conditions:
- Saving the machine stats with no drives (USB drives aren't working yet) takes like 2 seconds.  Since I don't have the signature keys yet, this excludes the slight amount of time required to generate and save the signature file, but that should take less than a second.  There should be no reason for a full save cycle with 2 USB drives to take more than ~10 seconds, but it may be even less.
- Holding tab while cycling through the song list and running ITG3 shoots CPU usage to like 60% on one core, with the others staying put.  I can't make it lag, even with ITG3's graphics heavy setup (tab even speeds up the animated backgrounds) but it's still running a fraction of the full song list.  ITG3 spikes memory usage up to about 850 MB.
- The coin-stealing black loading screens can't be tested that well without installing the computer in a machine and using real coin mechs - the keyboard drivers are different, plain and simple.  However, I did let the machine run through them, and they are much shorter - as soon as the screen finished fading to black, it started fading the attract video in.
- The computer has been staying cool (the graphics card has topped out at 40 C / 104 F under when running it at much higher resolution than the arcade monitor will use and tab-accelerating ITG3) and quiet in general - I can't hear it when I'm sitting a few feet away from it.  Once everything else is good to go, I'll see if it remains stable after dropping the component voltages a notch, since that can do a lot to save some heat.

Remaining setup and testing:
- Plug in some speakers/headphones and confirm there's audio.
- Loading songs:  I'll probably be condensing some of the packs currently on the Acme machine, because there are both redundancies and stupid charts.
- Signature keys: otherwise an Acme profile will break on other machines and GrooveStats will hate your scores.
- Boot sequence tuning: no reason for Ubuntu to load most of the programs that load by default.  The full graphical interface is great for testing, but offers no benefit (and wastes resources) once installed into the machine - I can always enable the graphical interface again if there's significant work to be done.
- Memory cards: The hardest thing to set up as far as I can tell.  There are guides for how to do it, but everyone runs into random issues here.
- Playtesting: At some point, this thing needs to be set up in a machine so that we can see how the machine performs under normal usage.  Key things to look for would be timing issues, USB slowdowns, input issues (echoes, stolen coins, etc.), and stable output (no lag, no bouncing, proper framerate, etc.).
on: July 21, 2011, 12:08:36 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by shakesoda
Relevance: 42%
Whenever you do get it running, expect VSync to not quite work correctly. Launch oITG with __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=1 set (i.e. __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=1 startx /itgdata/openitg).

Also, the prebuilt versions probably don't work because you don't have 32bit libs. Read the terminal output and check libs with ldd.

Edit: Wouldn't Debian be a better choice for stability? Debian releases are known to be very stable and supported for a lot longer than Ubuntu.
on: July 19, 2011, 12:36:49 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by Keby
Relevance: 41.5%
You know this is really nothing, but there is a song missing from ITG3 I think.
It's called Wild Thing, and it's been missing from ITG3 for awhile now.

Kyle was working on the steps, and got singles done for the most part, but doubles was still being worked on. It's really nothing, but since ITG3 still isn't considered done I figured it wouldn't hurt just to slap this song right in the pack.

on: July 18, 2011, 10:02:18 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 40.6%
I've never seen it properly handle two coins during a load screen, but one of the Roxor patches attempted to address the problem (which moved it from always eating coins to usually remembering one coin, while also fixing a glitch would could double count a coin).  The louder than normal sound is the result of ITG catching up with the the input buffer; incrementing the credit counter and queuing a sound to be played takes only a few CPU cycles, so the two separate sounds are starting less than a microsecond apart, which is essentially simultaneous to a 44kHz sound card, so it winds up playing the sound twice as loud.

It's purely a software issue; during certain resource intensive operations (the most noticeable one - and possibly the only one - is the end-of-set save operation), the input thread is a low enough priority that it can be left sleeping until the input buffer has cleared.  OpenITG b3 raises the I/O thread priority in an attempt to mitigate or entirely fix the problem, but the OpenITG staff have not declared b3 stable for arcade use.  It should be arcade-ready, but they haven't gotten enough testing done to be sure.

The new computer will address this in multiple ways.

First, we're running a Core i3-2100 instead of the old Celeron.  An i3-2100 like the one we'll be using runs at 3.1 GHZ instead of ~2.5GHZ like a dedicab's stock Celeron  The i3 has the new Sandy Bridge architecture, which executes more instructions per clock cycle than the old Celeron's NetBurst architecture can.  It's also a dual-core hyperthreaded processor, so there's a good chance the input thread and the saving thread can execute in parallel.  If nothing else, an i3-2100 can hold its own in benchmarks against top of the line chips from a year ago (it can beat the AMD's six-core 3.3 GHZ Thuban in about 1 in 4 benchmarks), so if saving is slow because of any CPU related bottlenecks, they'll become a non-issue.

Secondly, the new computer has a better hard drive setup.  Both drives are SATA, instead of IDE.  This means much higher read/write bandwidth, further boosted by the fact that the two SATA drives run on parallel channels, whereas the current drives share their IDE channel.  There's little reason for the write speed to be affected by the shared channel, since the game pauses until it finishes saving, but still, it's worth noting that we should have much, much higher bandwidth.  Additionally, the drives are formatted with the ext4 filesystem, which performs slightly better than xfs, which the old computer uses.  I've also disabled some unnecessary metadata writes - by default, every time a file is opened, both xfs and ext4 will immediately update the file's metadata to indicate it was last opened right now - there's absolutely no reason to was time writing back the to drive every time we touch a file, so I'm disabling this option on most of the partitions (except the stats partition, which holds the saved data), which will free up the drives' write buffers and some of the bandwidth.

Thirdly, the rest of the hardware will help.  USB 2.0 means saving to drives is faster.  Two sticks of DDR3 RAM instead of 1 stick of DDR RAM means we have twice the bus width for accessing RAM, and the bus is clocked much, much faster, so getting the data from memory to the drive should only ever be bottlenecked by the drive bandwidth.

Fourth, I can't get OpenITG b2 to run from the pre-compiled package, so I've resorting to building OpenITG from source.  Both the b2 and b3 release tags are giving me trouble when I try to build them, but I'll get at least one of them up and running.  My goal is to get both working and set b2 as the default, so that I can do some b3 testing when I'm there and then switch it back to b2 before I leave.  Bill gave me a key on Saturday, so I can easily compensate players if b3 is unstable and ends up eating coins or crashing mid-set.
on: July 11, 2011, 12:21:53 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by Dr.Z
Relevance: 35.1%
To address the H1N1 songpack (currently on the ITG machine) as an example..
A portion of its songs are also on the Tachyon Alpha songpack (link), however I'd recommend uploading Tachyon Alpha pack because those charts have the full list of difficulties from easy to expert.

Haven't gotten the chance to browse through Tachyon Beta & Gamma which I noted to be on Codx's machine, but I'd assume there are some nice charts on there as well.
on: July 05, 2011, 10:49:12 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 32.8%
Warning: Sweet Donuts (from Gimmix Again) can crash the machine.  Hasn't happened to me personally - and I've played it a half dozen times - but I've heard of at least two people having it happen to them.  The machine will be fine once rebooted.  If you want to play it, it's safest to reboot the machine beforehand.

It seems like it's more likely to happen when the machine hasn't been rebooted in awhile and the OS becomes unresponsive afterward (meaning it's not just OpenITG having problems), so I'm going to say it's somehow tied to system resources rather than an error in the file itself, in which case the fix is a new computer.

Speaking of which, the new computer is still coming along.  I'm currently trying to hunt down and remove non-essential programs so that I can fit as much as possible on the (very fast) SSD alongside the OS without forcing the system to run only via command line.  It's not that the second drive is slow or anything, it's just that the SSD is faster.  It'll be configured to skip booting the graphical interface for efficiency's sake once installed into the machine, but I still want access to the graphical interface if I ever need to do any significant debugging.  I'm hoping to have it ready for a live test sometime soon, but I don't have a firm schedule - I can't promise it'll be ready by the 16th for a post tournament install, but it's still a possibility.

I've now copied most of the old computer's data, though it's not all loaded onto the new computer yet.  Interesting tidbit for the community: Acme's Stats.xml (which tracks high scores, among many, many other things) is almost 25 MB has data for over 2500 songs (there have been about 1300 on the machine to date, so that's another 1200 distinct USB songs - I believe a USB song must be played once to get an entry in the stats file and the same exact file is treated separately if the folder structure on your drive is different, so it's probably more like 1000 unique USB songs that have been brought in and played to date).  That said, we definitely should not be losing scores with the new install.  I will see what I can do to trim the USB entries and cut down on the file size, since that will help speed up the save sequence at the end of each set (editing the file outside of OpenITG means figuring out how to forge a machine signature, otherwise OpenITG will ignore it and start over with a blank file).

I'm also working on enhancing the Chromatic theme for the new computer - the differences will be mostly invisible on the surface.  The main changes are setting up ITG3 as the fallback template (to allow some new features from the ITG3 theme to persist into Chromatic, most importantly the OpenITG segment of the operator menu, but also an extra modifier or two) and some minor tweaks (adding a few extra text colors to the song wheel, updating the main logo to ITG3, etc) and some minor fixes (making "Fantastic" not shift by a pixel at random [okay, technically not at random, but the polling rate is bad enough that the icon doesn't shift consistently based on your actual timing, so it's useless to the player]).
on: June 29, 2011, 07:47:10 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by Suko
Relevance: 30%
If you are using the new ITG computer at home on the internet, please make sure none of those porn sites you frequent have any chance of popping up randomly once this computer is in the ITG at Acme.  

Bill, if I new how to give rep, you would totally have a +1 from me!
on: June 29, 2011, 04:45:03 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by mvco
Relevance: 30%
If you are using the new ITG computer at home on the internet, please make sure none of those porn sites you frequent have any chance of popping up randomly once this computer is in the ITG at Acme. 
on: June 29, 2011, 08:18:19 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 29.9%
Posting from the new ITG computer, since I can.

I'm looking into the best ways to tune an Ubuntu system for performance, because I'm pretty sure I can get this thing to fully boot (including loading OpenITG) in around 15 seconds if I set it up right.
on: June 27, 2011, 01:30:51 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 28.8%
I don't think anyone here really goes out of their way to be politically correct, but I do feel a need to exercise caution with regard to the ITG machine, unfortunately.  It's hard to say how much they would or wouldn't care if "potentially offensive" content was brought to their attention, but ultimately, I'd rather preempt them by keeping the machine relatively clean rather than risk them jumping straight to requesting removal of the machine.

As for the new computer:
- I wasn't paying attention when I bought the parts, so I have three DDR3 1GB sticks and a board with only two slots.  2GB of DDR3 was my original plan anyway and will still severely outperform the old setup (especially given the onboard graphics unit stealing some RAM and memory bandwidth).  I doubt that menu lag is tied to total memory so much as bandwidth (memory or disk - both will be much faster now) or a blocking I/O thread (mitigated by the dual core processor and faster everything else), so only having 2GB RAM is probably not going to slow anything down from the 3GB I thought we would have.
- I built the computer on Thursday and installed Ubuntu 10.04 on Saturday.  I'll keep working on it as I have time this week.
- The new computer runs almost silently most of the time and gives off very little heat.  OpenITG will make the CPU heat up a bit more than an idle OS post-install, but overall, the new system should use a lot less power than the old; nothing to get too excited about, but it may keep the air around the machine a degree cooler on a warm day.
on: June 21, 2011, 08:01:44 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 25.8%
Strange that the information out there is inaccurate in such a specific case, but R1 cabinets seem to be rare amongst the ITG hacking community, so it's likely that they just don't know what they're talking about.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I added a relatively small pack - Gay4Gimmix Again - last night.  It's listed as Gimmix Again for appropriateness.  The charts are fun and generally in the 9-11 range, most have some strange gimmicks.  Rainbow-whatever-the-title-is is obscenely hard to figure out how to read, though, so I'd recommend hunting down the pack and seeing how it works first.
on: June 02, 2011, 07:46:59 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by tadAAA
Relevance: 13%
I was going to suggest a beginner/enjoy style mode (I even forget if there is one) that restricts play to only ITG1/2 songs, but apparently people would probably be too dumb to even select that.
on: June 02, 2011, 03:59:17 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 12.8%
I've seen plenty of people get into all kinds of weird situations when they don't quite know what's going on (one or two players winding up on double, players ending up in battle or marathon, players ending up on difficulties other than novice, and players ending up in other packs).  Most don't leave the default pack, but with Amore being at the top of ITG2, it's not hard for them to accidentally scroll up into the packs instead of down into the songs, and if the majority of packs are Expert only, then it's more likely they'll end up in one than not at that point.
on: June 01, 2011, 12:42:19 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 11.8%
I thought this was supposed to be a requirement, so noobs don't accidentally choose a song which only has 10+ difficulty without knowing it. And it seems like the more custom songs you put onto a machine, the more likely this is to happen.

It was supposed to be a requirement, but very few people write full sets of charts, especially not people who throw together ITG packs.  Around half the total content on the Acme machine has full difficulty sets and Amore is the default song, so the risk is greatly mitigated, but it's definitely still there.

I really didn't want to push Expert-only packs onto the machine, but given the recently increased interest at Acme and difficulty of finding full sets, the best solution seems to be pushing packs on and fixing them on the fly.
on: May 23, 2011, 02:44:08 PM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by Suko
Relevance: 4.3%
If extra RAM doesn't fix it, then the issue is related to the way UserPacks works; ITG 3/Rebirth, Customs 1, and Keby's pack are all handled via UserPacks at the moment.  UserPacks has everything packaged in .zips which OpenITG decompresses at some point (I honestly don't know the internals); given the lack of space on the machine, I can only assume some of the data is being decompressed on the fly as you browse the song list, which would cause lag whenever you hit a block of songs not currently in memory.  I'll be moving our custom content (ITG 3/Rebirth) onto the new drive once it's formatted and handling it without the UserPacks manager (that is, I'll be storing the songs without archiving them), so the lag should go away in a hurry.
This coincides with my experiences.
on: May 23, 2011, 09:30:48 AM  Top
Started by ancsik, Message by ancsik
Relevance: 3.6%
Never made it to Acme yesterday, formatting will happen when I get a chance.  Might take a shot at it tonight, if I get to Acme at a conducive time.

As for RAM, I'll swing by Fry's on the way to Acme next time I go and pick up a second GB stick.  The second stick should fix the lag issues* either because our current 1GB isn't enough (per Suko: doubtful, but possible) or because our current single stick arrangement doesn't offer enough bandwidth.

*Lag while browsing USB songs may or may not be a function of the slow USB drivers, so RAM won't necessarily fix USB lag - I don't know the necessary details, so we'll see what happens.

If extra RAM doesn't fix it, then the issue is related to the way UserPacks works; ITG 3/Rebirth, Customs 1, and Keby's pack are all handled via UserPacks at the moment.  UserPacks has everything packaged in .zips which OpenITG decompresses at some point (I honestly don't know the internals); given the lack of space on the machine, I can only assume some of the data is being decompressed on the fly as you browse the song list, which would cause lag whenever you hit a block of songs not currently in memory.  I'll be moving our custom content (ITG 3/Rebirth) onto the new drive once it's formatted and handling it without the UserPacks manager (that is, I'll be storing the songs without archiving them), so the lag should go away in a hurry.
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Hopefully the machine will still be in good working order next week; I'm currently planning on stopping by on Sunday morning (probably not right when they open at 9am, but still fairly early in the day) to finally open up the machine and check out the RAM / Hard Drive situation.

If I have the ability to do so on the spot, I will get the new drive properly formatted and do whatever is needed to properly mount it.  If I can't, I may try to extend the current ITG partition, since only ~8 GB of the (supposedly) 40 GB drive is currently formatted and extending the partition is claimed to be an almost painless process if you have the right programs handy.

If I can't set up the new drive on the spot for some reason, I'll figure out what I need to set up to do it on my desktop.  I would need to remove the current drive from the machine, take it home, set everything up, and then go back to Acme to get the machine back online if I did it this way - if it comes to this, I will schedule it for a weekend morning again to minimize impact.
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Personally, I would just have Laura rename the title of this thread to "Acme ITG2 custom content thread" and use it, since it's already there and stickied.
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